Cars under P1.5-million equipped with a sunroof

Back then, having a sunroof required a premium price tag, as this necessity is not typically offered on mainstream cars sold in the Philippines. Today, this feature can now be found on several models, from subcompact cars to midsize crossovers. 

We’ve actually listed down some vehicles that are available with a sunroof, while we did set the bracket at under P1.5-million, some models even sit under the P1-million price range. Either of these vehicles come with a standard-sized unit or a larger panoramic sunroof. With all that said, here is a list of cars under P1.5-million equipped with a sunroof.

2021 Chery Tiggo 5X exterior quarter front Philippines

The Chery Tiggo 5X sits above the smaller Tiggo 2. Surprisingly, the Tiggo 5X gets a decent amount of convenience features especially its range-topping Luxury trim. Out of the three variants, only the top-of-the-line model comes equipped with a sunroof. It’s not panoramic though, but it is quite a nice addition given the affordable price tag.

2020 Chery Tiggo 7 exterior quarter front Philippines

Next up is another vehicle from the same Chinese automaker, the Chery Tiggo 7 is part of the brand’s compact crossover lineup. Aside from its engine that delivers decent performance and good fuel efficiency, the Tiggo 7 also boasts of a spacious cabin. There’s only one sole variant for the compact crossover, and it comes equipped with a panoramic sunroof that does let a lot of light into the cabin.


2021 Chery Tiggo 7 Pro exterior quarter front Philippines

Chery Auto Philippines launched an upgraded model of its 7-series crossover now carrying the ’Pro’ name. The Chery Tiggo 7 Pro has a lot more to offer despite its close pricing with the standard Tiggo 7. Its new looks and more refined cabin does add a bit of sophistication. While the same engine was retained, the Tiggo 7 Pro gets a new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Like the standard 7, the Tiggo 7 Pro gets a large panoramic sunroof.

2021 Chery Tiggo 8 exterior quarter front Philippines

Now, we move on to the bigger brother of the pack. Despite having larger dimensions, the Chery Tiggo 8 shares a number of key resemblances with the compact Tiggo 7 Pro. Unlike the other three mentioned, the Tiggo 8 offers third-row seating making a fully-fledged seven-seater. Likewise, it also comes with a panoramic sunroof that gives passengers a rewarding view.

2021 Chevrolet Sail exterior quarter front Philippines

In a sea full of subcompact sedans, the Chevrolet Sail is one of those underrated models. Its affordable pricing does give you a decent amount of features. Not to mention, it’s one of the few in its segment that’s available with a sunroof. Do take note that it’s only exclusive on the range-topping LTZ variant.

2021 Ford EcoSport exterior quarter front Philippines

The Ford EcoSport has long-been known as the urban warrior. Notably, it’s one of the first small crossovers launched in the market, and it was greeted with warm acceptance. The sunroof, however, is not standard across its range, given that this feature is only exclusive on Titanium trims.

2021 Ford Territory exterior quarter front Philippines

With the Escape no longer available in the local market, Ford Philippines has released the Ford Territory which should serve as the brand’s contender for the compact crossover segment. Notably, whichever variant of the Territory you get, be it the Trend or Titanium+, a panoramic sunroof is available. Therefore, if you find the EcoSport a bit too small, then the Territory will definitely suit you better.

2021 Geely Azkarra exterior quarter front Philippines

The Geely Azkarra is the Chinese automaker’s entry to the compact crossover segment. It is by far the most premium-appointed offering in Geely’s Philippine lineup. While the top-of-the-line Luxury trim of the Azkarra exceeds the P1.5-million mark, the entry-level premium variant still comes with a generous amount of features including the panoramic sunroof.

2021 Geely Coolray exterior quarter front Philippines

Hailed for being the best-selling model in its lineup, the Geely Coolray brags its sporty looks, high-tech features, and dynamic performance. Like its bigger brother, the Azkarra, this subcompact crossover can be had with a sunroof as well. You can either opt for the Premium or Sport trim in order to acquire that feature.

2021 Geely Okavango exterior quarter front Philippines

Just recently, Geely Philippines extended the variant range of the Okavango with its range-topping Urban Plus. Notably, it gets the addition of adaptive headlights, a more configurable instrument cluster, and of course, the wondrous panoramic sunroof. Despite being well-equipped already, the Chinese automaker gave it a well-deserved upgrade, what’s even more surprising is that this seven-seater sits below the P1.5-million price range.

2021 Maxus G50 exterior quarter front Philippines

Filipinos love MPVs, that’s why the Maxus in the G50. This particular model is made available in three variants. While each trim offers a generous amount of features, only the top-of-the-line Premium variant gets a large panoramic sunroof.

2021 MG 5 exterior quarter front Philippines

Hailed as the longest in its class, the MG 5 is also one of the few subcompact crossovers that comes available with a sunroof. However, it’s not standard across its range of variants, as the sunroof is only exclusive on the Style and Alpha variants.

2021 MG 6 exterior quarter front Philippines

The MG 6 gives you the fastback experience at an affordable price tag. Its clean and sporty looks are coupled with fine elegance. Notably, the sunroof is standard on both the Alpha and Trophy variants. 

2021 MG RX5 exterior quarter front Philippines

The MG RX5 is the brand’s entry to the compact crossover segment. It combines practicality with its well-appointed looks and efficient performance. Its panoramic sunroof is only exclusive on the range-topping Alpha trim.

2021 MG ZS exterior quarter front Philippines

Despite its rather small dimension, the MG ZS is big on features. You’d be surprised just how well-equipped this subcompact crossover is. Like its larger brother, the RX5, the panoramic sunroof is also exclusive on the Alpha Trim.

2021 Volkswagen Lavida exterior quarter front Philippines

While other select countries get the Jetta, the Philippine market, on the other hand, gets the Volkswagen Lavida as the German brand’s subcompact sedan offering. Unlike most of its competitors, the Lavida comes standard with a sunroof. Therefore, all variants of the sedan get this feature.

2021 Volkswagen Santana exterior side Philippines

Volkswagen Philippines slotted the Santana as its smallest offering for the local market. Like most Volkswagen vehicles, this one also features a subtle, clean look that's sure to age gracefully. Unlike the Lavida that gets a standard sunroof across its range, the Santana, however, will require you to step up to the top-of-the-line SE variant in order to have a sunroof.

2021 Volkswagen Santana GTS exterior quarter front Philippines

Some might confuse it for a hatchback though technically the Volkswagen Santana GTS is a station wagon. With it being closely related with the Santana sedan, the sunroof on this wagon is also available on its sole SE trim.

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