deep dish floor mats

Deep dish floor mats are great accessories for your car. For starters, they help keep the interior of your vehicle clean by acting as another layer before your feet hit the carpeting underneath. Aside from this, these kinds of floor mats are also easy to clean, all you need to do is either shake off the loose dirt that has accumulated in it or simply wash it down with water and lay it out to dry. While adding this to your vehicle is generally a good thing it does come with a few downsides which we will be discussing.

wet car carpet

Earlier we said that they are great at preventing water and dirt from reaching the carpeting of your vehicle underneath. While this holds true, if water or dirt does get past the floor mat’s protective layer they will be harder to remove. This is because the floor mats can prevent water from evaporating and instead trap it inside your vehicle which can lead to rust later on. That being said, there is an easy solution to this and it is to check the carpeting whenever you have your car washed. If you find that it is wet, it is best to have it dried first before you put the deep dish floor matting back on top. 

Car pedals

This is where picking the right kind of deep dish floor mat becomes important. If what you bought doesn't properly fit your car, it can lead to some dangerous situations especially if it ends up interfering with your pedals. It is always best to find matting that best fits your car and comes with some sort of anchoring to keep it hooked up to your carpet. 

plastic deep dish car mat

Again this is where the quality of your floor mat comes in. Make sure that it is made from a material that can withstand the heat of your vehicle. Remember that your vehicle can technically become a greenhouse especially if you park it outside. This means that the interior of your car can be subject to higher than normal external temperatures as there are only a few places for the heat to escape. With that in mind, pick a deep dish floor mat that is sturdy and temperature resistant. Also, make sure that it is made from an odorless material as the smell it releases may affect you when driving.

leather deep dish floor mats

If you are deadset on getting leather-type deep dish floor mats, it does come with a few drawbacks. While it may look good inside your vehicle, the materials used in the matting aren’t as efficient at keeping the dirt and water away compared to a plastic-based one. In some cases, they may even trap the water and dirt making it harder to clean. Regardless make sure to do your research with this kind of matting as there are products out there that not only look good but also help protect your car’s carpeting as well.

scratched floor mats

If you are buying deep dish floor matting for protection expect it to get scuffed up after some use. The plastic will become scratched up and certain parts will wear down faster than others. Even the emblems in the matting if there are, might even fall off eventually as well. At the very least it will keep the carpeting of your vehicle clean and will help protect the interior from dirt and grime. It will also prevent unwanted wear on the carpeting near the pedal area which is great if you want a fresh-looking pedal area. That being said make sure to buy quality products for deep dish matting as it is worth the investment. 

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