Is getting a pickup truck as a daily driver worth it?

If you are looking to get a new daily vehicle, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, if you want a vehicle that can carry cargo and comes with off-road capabilities, then look no further than the humble pickup truck. It fulfills these requirements easily and even comes with creature comforts found in SUVs and sedans. That being said, should you consider it to be your next daily vehicle? Find out as we discuss the pros and cons of having a pickup truck as your daily vehicle. 

pickup truck exterior

Its a strong vehicle

The pickup truck was originally designed to be a workhorse vehicle. They were originally meant to carry large loads on farms and deliver them where they needed to go. Pickup trucks were designed to be tough and reliable in order to meet that need. That being said, modern renditions of the vehicle have evolved to be a little bit more comfortable and come with more features than before. The pickup truck can still be a workhorse but one that you can take into the city and still have a relatively comfortable ride at the same time. With that said, it could be the ideal vehicle of choice for you if you have a cargo hauler that you can also use as a family vehicle. 

pickup truck rear

Cargo hauling and towing capabilities

Speaking of cargo hauling, this is an area where the pickup truck excels. Pickup trucks are always designed to have a bed at the rear to carry cargo. While these come in a variety of sizes, the purpose still remains the same. Aside from this, thanks to more powerful engines being available in modern pickup trucks, these vehicles can also tow trailers as well. This makes them even more versatile vehicles especially for those who really want a vehicle that can tow and haul cargo at the same time.

pickup truck enginebay

Turbo diesel motor

At the heart of almost every pickup truck in the Philippine market is a turbo-diesel engine. This gives the user a nice wave of torque to ride on as well as a frugal motor that won’t drink up the diesel as quickly. Torque after all is what is needed when you want to carry cargo or tow a trailer and most pickup trucks come with a huge amount of it. It also helps the pickup truck get up to speed quickly especially when unladen making it great for get up and go traffic. 

pickup truck being refueled

All in all a pickup truck offers a good amount of power and can even post great fuel efficiency numbers. This will allow you to run the vehicle for much longer without the need to visit a fuel pump as often compared to other vehicles. It can also be a great addition to your business if you need to bring supplies to and from your store.

pickup truck off-road

Off-road capable

Similar to its SUV stablemates or counterparts, the pickup truck can also be had with a 4x4 drivetrain. This feature not only aids the vehicle in hauling cargo but also lets you take it off-road with ease. As a car designed to haul this is an ideal feature to have especially if you have a farm or a property that doesn’t have access to a paved road. Having a 4x4 system also lets you bring the pickup truck almost anywhere where it is needed.

pickup truck ground clearance

Great ground clearance

Another pro to getting a pickup truck as your daily driver is that it has great ground clearance. This lets you easily drive over smaller objects that are in the way and even helps you ford through floods when the need arises. That being said, the ground clearance of a pickup truck can be also easily increased with the installation of bigger wheels and tires or with a lift kit. So, if you want a high-riding vehicle that can take the abuse of going off-road then a pickup truck just might be for you.

pickup truck side profile

It's a long vehicle

When it comes to driving a pickup truck as a daily vehicle, be prepared to adjust to its length. Compared to other vehicles such as sedans and crossovers, the pickup truck is significantly longer. This makes it a little bit harder to maneuver and park compared to its much shorter contemporaries. That being said, once you have gotten used to its length, driving it around becomes much easier. Some manufacturers have even equipped their pickup trucks with a reverse camera and reverse to make maneuvering it even easier. However, these features are often found in the higher-tier models, so expect to pay a little bit more for these models. 

pickup truck stiff ride

Stiff ride

A pickup truck is a utility vehicle, it’s designed with cargo hauling and towing in mind above everything else. That being said, some of these vehicles will often come with a stiff ride as stiffer springs are needed in order for the vehicle to carry heavy loads. This translates to less comfort when it comes to daily use, however, some pickup trucks do come with a comfortable ride but at the cost of cargo capacity. It’s something to keep in mind especially if you want to use a pickup truck as a daily vehicle.

pickup truck being maintained

Maintenance can be pricy

While this doesn’t apply to all pickup trucks, some can be a handful in terms of maintenance. Its to be expected that if you want something to last long and withstand daily use you will need to maintain it properly. Since most pickup trucks in the Philippines come with diesel engines they will require a few more visits to the service center compared to that of a sedan or hatchback. 

pickup truck rear bed

The rear bed

The rear bed of a pickup truck is always exposed to the elements and to other people. This makes it harder to protect your cargo from sudden changes in weather and from those who could potentially steal something from the rear. This can be solved by buying a cargo cover that will protect the contents of the bed from the elements and from potential thieves. However, it does come with the caveat that it also limits the height of the cargo that you can load into the back. Quality bed covers can also come with a hefty price tag so keep that in mind when purchasing one. 

pickup truck lineup

Limited in terms of models compared to vehicle types

When it comes to selecting a pickup truck, there is a limited selection of models available in the market. This narrows down your choices to only a few models compared to the wider selection available for those who want a sedan or crossover. Though the number of models available is limited, there are multiple variants to choose from to broaden your choices depending on your budget. That said, you can still fairly easily find a model that meets your needs for the right price that fits within your budget. 

With all things considered, if you want a vehicle that can both carry cargo and tow a trailer, then a pickup truck is for you. It also can be had with a 4x4 drivetrain that lets you take the vehicle off-road when needed. However, there are a few downsides to consider such as security for things placed in the rear bed and its overall length. That being said, if a pickup truck checks all the right boxes for you, then you should get it as a daily vehicle. 

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