Mitsubishi Xpander Facts: Where’s the E?

The Mitsubishi Xpander is a small MPV – that’s your first fact. It’s not an SUV as some people like to call it, but we digress. 

Going back, the Xpander is one of Mitsubishi Philippines’ best-sellers, and for good reasons. Thanks to a relatively accessible price point paired with space and features that are relevant to the needs of most drivers. 

There is more to know about this dynamic shield-faced vehicle. It’s not just a hit that Mitsubishi has delivered to the Philippines, but it is also the number one seller in other countries in South East Asia. Here are a few facts that you might not have known about this crowd favorite. 

Mitsubishi Adventure

Remember the Mitsubishi Adventure? The Asian Utility Vehicle that went toe-to-toe with other vehicles in its segment such as the Tamaraw? 

Mitsubishi has discontinued its Adventure AUV, and have subsequently been pushing the Xpander more and more. Though it is somewhat unofficial, the Xpander carries the Adventure legacy, but with modern additions like a unibody chassis, which results in a better ride, and a modern interior with flat-folding seats. 

Mitsubishi Xpander

It’s not an entry-level SUV like one of its competitors. Its construction is closer to that of a crossover, but it isn’t classified as such. It even has proportions that are reminiscent of a minivan. It seems like a mishmash of several key traits. It has the unibody of a sedan, the ground clearance of an SUV, and the proportions of a small minivan. 

In summary, it’s a small MPV that seats seven, with the storage space of an SUV, while retaining the comfort of a crossover or sedan. It has MacPherson struts in the front and has a torsion beam at the back, similar to most subcompact sedans and hatchbacks. 

Mitsubishi Xpander Facebook Post

People loved the concept of an affordable MPV with dynamic styling so much that customers cleaned out showrooms left and right in Indonesia. Because of the shortage, Philippine buyers had to wait a bit longer for the factory to keep up. The first few units that were ready for delivery were brought over by boat, and a Facebook post from MMPC cemented the moment in history. 

Nissan Livina

The Xpander is so popular that Nissan, a business group partner of Mitsubishi, has coopted the platform to sell under their own brand. The small MPV from the Nissan stable looks eerily similar to Mitsubishi's rendition. The dynamic shield design that grabbed headlines is traded-in in favor of a V-motion grille with less-aggressive lines. The model in question is called the Nissan Livina, and it could quite possibly make its way over to the Philippines. Or not. 

Mitsubishi Xpander

The Xpander was able to bag the car of the year award from an Indonesian publication, Otomotif. Another honor that the small MPV received is the FORWOT Car of the Year 2018 award. Indonesia is in love with this model, which is one of the reasons why Nissan is looking to capitalize on the success of the Mitsubishi MPV. 

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