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Cars have evolved from being machines that can get you from point A to point B, into something that’s more livable where you can spend a lot of time in. Thanks to technology, the available car features these days make the lives of those behind the wheel easier and more convenient.

Although most modern car features are great, some are quite cumbersome and annoying, not to mention that they can be dangerous, too.

Now, you might argue that you can just turn those features off or not use them at all. That’s true, but wouldn't that be a waste of technology? With these high-tech toys negating their intended purpose, we actually wish that they’ve never existed at all.

Auto Door Unlock

Speed-sensing door locks are heaven-sent, especially when you’re on the rush to care about locking your doors. So much so, that we check each cars we review if this feature is available.

However, some cars also come with auto door unlock, which, as the name states, automatically unlocks the door when you put the gear in Park mode. This is potentially dangerous, especially when you park your car in sketchy places. You don’t want a criminal opening the door for you, do you?

Touchscreen/Soft-Touch Volume Control

In the age of digital displays and touchscreen head units, seamless dashboards with minimal buttons are good for aesthetic purposes.

Some car manufacturers take it a bit further by removing the volume control knobs and buttons entirely. As the driver, it’s a bit hard to appreciate this feature when you have to adjust the volume of the music while driving. Unless you have control buttons on the steering wheel, you might find yourself adjusting other stuff you don’t intend to.

Ultra-Sensitive Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are there for a good reason, and it’s to make sure that your vehicle is safe from scratches when maneuvering in tight spaces. Some cars, however, have the ultra-sensitive type that triggers a warning almost every time.

With this sensitive sensors, driving through heavy EDSA traffic can be stressful, especially with some motorcycle riders splitting lanes dangerously close to your car. Imagine the barrage of beeps.

Beeping Blind Spot Monitors

Blind spot monitors are very useful, as long as they’re visual. After all, you should look at your side mirror before you make a turn, right?

Although, there are also blind spot monitors that make a sound, which is absolutely ridiculous. Like the ultra-sensitive proximity sensors, beeping blind spot monitors while driving on EDSA can tick the sanity out of you.

Dysfunctional Automatic Climate Control

Have you ever tried engaging the auto mode of a car’s climate control but the air conditioning just went full blast? Yes, we did too, and it’s pretty irritating. Automatic climate controls should detect and maintain the optimal temperature inside the car, not bombard you with cold air while driving in a cold morning.

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