Safetest cars in the philippines under 1M

Safety should be one of the most important factors to consider when buying a brand new car. Even while having a budget of under P1,000,000 it is still possible to get a 5-star rating on the ASEAN NCAP. This especially holds true if you are in the market to buy a vehicle for your family and want them to remain safe even in the worst-case scenario. 

With that said we have created a shortlist of vehicles that you can buy in the Philippine market today that comes at affordable prices but does not skip on safety features. 

In order to make it onto the list, the vehicle must have undergone testing by the ASEAN NCAP with safety specifications similar to that of the vehicle sold locally. Its crash-test must also come with a report that is not older than 2018 to make sure it goes in line with the much stricter testing done for 2020 onwards. The vehicle must also at the very least get a 4-star rating in order to make it on this list and must have a least a variant or variants that fit into the P1,000,000 budget. The list will also be arranged by their scoring with the highest scores coming out first. 

Honda City crash test

A Japanese sedan that comes with a high safety rating from the ASEAN NCAP is the Honda City. As of 2020, it was one of the highest-rated vehicles to be tested with the new stricter 2017 to 2020 protocols. The sedan is equipped with 4-airbags as standard for all variants being sold in the ASEAN region. In addition to this, all of the safety assist technologies that were assessed by the ASEAN NCAP is also standard or optional for most markets. If you want a feature-packed sedan with variants that come well below the P1,000,000 budget then you might want to consider the Honda City. 

Toyota Rush official ASEAN NCAP crash test

The Toyota Rush was recently given an update by the Japanse brand in the Philippines. It now comes with a backup camera as standard and now comes with a 7-seating capacity. The popular 7-seater SUV not only comes with an affordable price tag but with a score of 85.42/100 giving it a safety rating of 5-stars. While there is a variant of the Toyota Rush that crests over the P1,000,000 mark, the safety features between the variants are the same as such it is still included on this list for its variants that make it within the given price bracket. If you are in the market for an affordable MPV that won’t break the bank then look no further than Toyota’s affordable 7-seater.

Toyota Vios ASEAN NCAP Crash test

The Toyota Vios is another top scorer in the ASEAN NCAP as it was able to get a 5-star rating. It is important to note, however, that this is for the 7-airbag version of the vehicle which is also available in the Philippine market. That said it is one of the most popular models that the Japanese brand sells locally and is assembled in the country as well. Similar to the Rush, the top of the line model does crest over P1,000,000, however, there are variants of it that do come with 7-airbags that are positioned below the given price limit. If you want a reliable and affordable sedan that is also safe then look no further than the Toyota Vios and its many variants.

Much like its sibling the Vios, the Toyota Yaris also comes with a 5-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating. Like its sedan counterpart, it too comes with a 7-airbag option in the Philippines thus giving it a high safety rating. It is important to note that Toyota Philippines has given the Yaris a refresh giving a new sportier look. Both variants of the hatchback come with the same safety features as standards. Those looking for a safe yet affordable hatchback can choose to opt for the Yaris 1.3 E CVT as it’s price fits well within the given budget. 

MG ZS crash test

The MG ZS is the brand’s popular crossover that is currently available on the Philippine market today. While the vehicles tested in the ASEAN NCAP were models that were designed for the Vietnam and Thailand markets these are representative of the vehicle available locally. The testing showcased that the Chinese crossover is indeed safe and comes with a high safety rating. The models tested at minimum came with 2 airbags, ABS, Electronic stability control, seatbelt reminder system as standard for the model lineup. This is pretty close to the specifications of the MG ZS currently being sold in the country. As a result, the MG ZS is an ideal vehicle to get for those looking for a car with high ground clearance and comes with the ride comfort of a sedan. 

Suzuki Swift crash test ASEAN NCAP

The Suzuki Swift presents itself as a compact hatchback that is both frugal and comes with an affordable price tag. While the small Japanese hatchback doesn’t get top marks for its safety it does come pretty close with a 4-star rating. It was able to score a 71.5 out of 100, however, it had shortcomings when it came to its standard equipment. Electronic stability control is only available for markets such as Thailand and Singapore and is not available in the Philippine market. Seatbelt reminders are available for all occupants, however, Singapore has the variant that has it for all occupants. If you are looking for a safe and affordable hatchback then the Suzuki Swift is worthy of your consideration.

Suzuki Ertiga crash test ASEAN NCAP

If you are looking for an MPV that is both affordable and safe, then look no further than the Suzuki Ertiga. It isn’t a top scorer, however, it has safety features where it counts giving it a score of 65.4/100 and a 4-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating. While it does have dual airbags as standard for all models sold in different countries, it’s Electronic Stability Control (ESC) technology isn’t. This affects its overall performance as the ASEAN NCAP gives a higher mark for safety technology that is standard across the board for all variants in all markets. It is important to note that ESC is not available in the Philippines but is an option in other markets. If a comfortable, affordable, and safe people hauler is what you are looking then you might want to consider the Suzuki Ertiga. 

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