Suzuki Ertiga AutoDeal number 1 for 2020

As 2021 kicks off, and 2020 draws to a close, the paradigm shift that occurred in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes in the automotive market. Nameplates that were once thought to be enduring have now fallen from grace due to a multitude of factors, one being price. The rise of entry-level mobility and the drop in the buying power of Filipinos post-lockdown led to a lot of inquiries being directed towards more affordable models. From small hatchbacks to entry-level 7-seaters, people are now looking for attainable alternatives that offer the most space and utility for all their needs. 

So what happened in the year 2020? For starters, Suzuki came into its own and made waves with several models at very affordable price points. Of course, you still have the Toyotas, but Suzuki shot up in rankings on the AutoDeal platform and blew past many other well-established brands and nameplates in the market. 

Top 10 Cars in 2020

On the AutoDeal platform, the Ertiga managed to usurp the throne of Toyota and snatch the crown away from the brand’s most popular model, the Toyota Vios. It is also important to note that the Vios had every opportunity to grab first place, with an update in 2020 with a new fascia as well as a new array of features which also includes a backup camera for the top of the line models. The Ertiga has only received a few minor changes to its interior colors over the course of 2020. The model was launched in 2019, but its popularity transcended its model year. It’s also not the only Suzuki on the list. Another fan-favorite is the Suzuki S-Presso. Because of its quirky nature and its affordable price tag of just P518,000, the S-Presso makes a case as a nice starter car or a nice daily due to its great fuel efficiency and it’s fun driving characteristics. It’s only available in a manual transmission, but other than that, it comes with almost everything you would need in a very light package. 

Suzuki Eriga Philippines

Over the course of the year, the average price of every vehicle sold on AutoDeal dropped closer and closer to the P1,000,000 mark, and it seems more than perfect that the Suzuki Ertiga falls under the 7-digit mark. With the most expensive model costing P998,000, and the most affordable variant being P738,000. 

Toyota Vios XLE

After the Eritga, you see the Toyota Vios is still holding its own in 2020. There is still demand of the subcompact sedan even in the face of more limited buying power. It is also a case of being from a reliable brand with a long-standing history in the country. You can also see that the Vios has a wide price range, meaning that it can cater to many different customer profiles. With up to 6 variant families to choose from, 2 engine options, and 2 transmission options, there is a Vios that can meet many budgets and needs. 

Geely Coolray Philippines

Unprecedented for Geely to keep a spot on the list this high. For a subcompact crossover that’s priced over P1,000,000, the Coolray is a bit of an anomaly. Coming in 7th place in our top 10 for 2020, the Coolray holds its own among more established brands, and is the only subcompact crossover to make the list. 

In 2019, we said that pickup trucks would keep on keeping on due to favorable pricing and good value. It seems that the segment is enduring, with the Toyota Hilux being the most popular. Three out of the top ten models in the list are midsize pickups, which include the Ford Ranger and the Nissan Navara

As we said in mid-2020, entry-level mobility rose in popularity, and true enough, throughout the course of 2020, the small hatchback segment got a boost in terms of popularity or inquiries. Two models from the segment, the Suzuki S-Presso, Toyota Wigo, and the Honda Brio all get their places on the list, and for good reason. Value-wise, you for way under P1,000,000, you get yourself four wheels, an engine, a roof, and a good set of features for the modern-day motorist. Entry-level mobility, however, is even more compelling and consumers are latching on to the more established brands. There could be a challenger to this segment but that remains to be seen for 2021. 

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