Top 10 road trip etiquettes that should be followed

Going on long road trips with your friends or close colleagues can be fun and memorable, though it’s important to establish certain boundaries throughout the entire drive. In order to achieve a hassle-free and more engaging travel experience, the driver and its passengers must consult and practice these 10 road trip etiquettes.

Don’t be late, follow your call time

The concept of Filipino time should not be tolerated especially during road trips. It is a must that you should follow the agreed call time, when the driver says they’ll meet you at 6:00 A.M., make sure to be ready on or before that time. Let’s stop using Filipino time as a classic excuse, shall we?

Be mindful of the noise you make inside the car

Casual conversations are fine, you can splur as much gossip or any topic you want to talk about. Just be mindful of your voice or any other gestures that make unnecessary noise, as it could possibly cause a slight distraction or annoyance to the driver. Perhaps, it would be okay if he or she is part of the conversation. 

Bring and share snacks

Sharing is caring, and if you have scrumptious treats, be considerate enough to pass it on to the driver and your co-passengers. Though, it’s best if you bring less sugary snacks as we’ve already discussed last time that taking an extensive amount of it could possibly make you feel nauseous, tired, and sleepy. Aside from the driver, passengers should also stay awake throughout the drive and keep him or her company while piloting the vehicle.

Consult the music taste of other passengers

For fairness and equal enjoyment, the diver and each passenger should take turns in choosing their preferred playlist. Just because you’re the driver or front passenger, that doesn’t mean you have complete authority over the radio, everyone should take turns in becoming the DJ. Though, don’t aggressively yank the AUX cord from the front, and don’t bother the driver. 

The front passenger should be ready to assist the driver

The front passenger is considered to be the co-pilot, which means he or she should be ready to assist the driver throughout the trip. From setting up the navigation system to handing out refreshments and snacks, the front passenger should be attentive and ready to serve the driver whenever he needs help.

Avoid being a driving instructor

Frankly, some passengers have the tendency of becoming backseat drivers by telling the driver what to do. Aside from distraction, it can be quite annoying, therefore, it’s best to just let the driver do his or her own thing in order to pilot the vehicle safely throughout the entire trip.

Stay awake during the drive

It would be unfair for the driver if many of you will sleep throughout the entire trip, aside from that, he or she may get drowsy if they don’t have someone for a little chit-chat. As much as possible, passengers should stay awake throughout the entire trip in order to entertain the driver while he’s hustling on the road. Either that or someone can swap if the journey is long. 

Have a bathroom break

Occasional stopovers at the gas station won’t be much of a chore. Aside from having the opportunity to do bathroom breaks, drivers can also get out of the car and stretch a little, as driving for hours can numb selected parts of your body.

Have a fair share with the gas and toll expenses

The driver shouldn’t shoulder all the car-related expenses. That’s why passengers should also give a fair amount of share with the gas and toll fees to be spent during the road trip.

Treat the car with respect

Lastly, is to treat the car with respect. Probably, the driver spent some time cleaning the vehicle, therefore, passengers should be considerate enough to keep the interior as clean as it could be. If you have no trash bags, then keep those waste in your pocket. Also, do not put your shoes on the seats as it could possibly leave marks especially if the upholstery is in a lighter shade. In conjunction with that, it’s best to dust your footwear before entering the car in order to lessen the dirt that could invade the cabin. 

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