Top 5 7-seaters under P1,000,000

Having a budget of under P1,000,000 is not limiting by any means. If you just want small hatchback or sedan, working under the 7-digit mark is easy enough. The market has matured to a point where manufacturers can offer affordable and reasonably specced vehicles to the public. Though, if we are talking about less than 7-digits for a 7-seater, then perhaps a closer look should be in order. You may even be able to buy subcompact crossover for under a million, but if you want to maximize the space that your money gets you, then there is a selection of cars that fit your budget. 

BAIC M50S Ultra Luxury

Caco reviewed this one a while back, and it falls way under budget for a car that as a seating capacity of 7 and a seating configuration that involves captains’ chairs. It appears to be an exceedingly good value if you’re looking for such an experience. For well-under P1,000,000 the M50S Ultra Luxury doesn’t act like its price bracket and is as expensive as a small hatchback or an entry-level subcompact sedan from other brands, which is very-very tempting if you’re shopping way under the P1,000,000 budget.

Foton Gratour Exterior

This vehicle isn’t just a 7-seater. It can come in several different forms and goes to show that its versatile platform is more than capable of handling passengers. You can seat up to 7 people inside the Foton Gratour, and it comes with a price tag that is well-below budget. Even the snazziest of the bunch the Foton Gratour iM6, is still well below P1,000,000.

Honda Mobilio Exterior Front Quarter

While its bigger and taller brother the BR-V is a good value above P1,000,000, below that budget, the Mobilio looks to be one of the better buys for budget-minded consumers. The model currently has two variants under the 7-digit mark, one manual and one with a CVT. Though, if you're willing to spend a little more for a bit of flair, then the RS variant pictured above would still be a great choice. 

Suzuki Ertiga Exterior Front Quarter

A mainstay for budget-minded shoppers, the Suzuki Ertiga undercut many of its rivals’ price points when it was launched, and it continues to do so. Even with its top of the line variant coming with all the features that Suzuki can pack in, this 7-seater will still go for under P1,000,000. Suzukis are extraordinary when it comes to making cars that are budget-friendly, and the Ertiga is one of our top choices for 7-seaters under a million.

Toyota Avanza Exterior Front Quarter

While Toyota has other 7 seater MPVs like the Rush and Innova, these two models have graduated into the over-a-million-club. The baseline Rush is not even a 7-seater at its sub-P1,000,000 variant. Meanwhile, for less money, you can get a Toyota 7-seater for much less. There are certain nuances between each variant, and there is also a 5-seat configuration available in this model’s lineup, but the most affordable Avanza that can seat seven people will cost you at least P876,000 for the 1.3 E MT variant.

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