Toyota Rush Facts

The Toyota Rush has become a household name as of late. In many ways, it's a culmination of everything that the Philippine marketplace has been clamoring for – seven seats, ground clearance, and reliability. Indeed, this model has hit a sweet spot in the market and is the most inquired-for vehicle on AutoDeal. 

What do you know about the Rush? It’s not a global model, so information about it may be a little sparse when searching on Google. The nameplate hides a few secrets that we would like to uncover, so here are some Toyota Rush facts

2019 Toyota Rush Facts: The not-so-Toyota, Toyota

Like its sibling, the Avanza; little sibling, the Wigo; and its distant relative, the Supra, the Rush isn’t a pure Toyota. In a way, however, it still is. The Japanese company, Daihatsu is also owned by Toyota. They are the brand responsible for making the Rush the way it is. 

2019 Toyota Rush Color Black Rush Badge

Originally, while it was still badged as a Daihatsu, it was sold under the Terios name in other territories where Daihatsu is more well-known. 

Silver 2019 Toyota Rush Exterior

It’s not built like a crossover like many of its small MPV competitors. The Toyota Rush shares a similar chassis to the Toyota Avanza, but not in terms of construction. The Rush’s chassis is made up of multiple pieces that are riveted and welded together. 

2019 Toyota Rush Engine

While other brands put the engine in a transverse layout, meaning perpendicular to the wheels, Toyota has opted for the longitudinal approach, which means that the engine is angled in a perfect position to send power to the rear wheels. To those of you that don’t know, the small MPV is rear-wheel drive, unlike most of its competitors. 

Silver 2019 Toyota Rush Rear

As stated earlier, this model gets a lot of love from Filipino car buyers. It pretty much has everything in the bag, really – space, seven seats, and a reputable name behind it. These are all valid reasons why people still buy Toyota vehicles to this day. In one quarter, it managed to take the number one spot for the most inquired car on the AutoDeal website for Q1 of 2019. 

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