Engine Immobilizer

Most vehicles available in the market today come with an engine immobilizer. Sadly, this simple yet very important security feature is often overlooked and forgotten among the good stuff that car manufacturers introduce every year.

But what the heck does an engine immobilizer do? And why is it important for car buyers to know if the car they’re buying is equipped with this? 

The engine immobilizer is an anti-theft system that makes use of a keyfob with a stored digital code. When the keyfob is in range or is inserted into the ignition switch, it transmits this “password” into the vehicle's electronic management system. If the user has the correct keyfob, the engine will go ahead and fire up.

A more secure two-step authentication system is also available in the market (better ask your sales agent about this option). Aside from its password, the keyfob receives a random code from the car that’s generated every time the engine starts. Both codes are checked as soon as you insert the key into the ignition switch or when it’s in range, usually around a meter or so.

But what will happen if the person has the wrong keyfob? It’s simple. The system will lock out the wrong key and prevent the engine from starting until the correct one is inserted, or you bring it to an authorized dealership on a truck bed.

Why is this important again?

The engine immobilizer is a secure way to deter thieves from stealing your car via hotwiring or traditional methods like hammering the ignition with a screwdriver to force it to start. It’s like another layer of protection aside from your car’s alarm.

What if you lose your car’s keyfob? All you have to do is visit any authorized dealership to have it deactivated and request for a new one. They will provide you with a new one as soon as they verify your credentials and pay a hefty price.

So when browsing through the AutoDeal Car Guide or Promo Section, make sure to check if your desired ride comes equipped with an engine immobilizer. You never know when thieves would steal your precious car, which by the way costs hundreds of thousands of pesos (even more). As they say, “better safe than sorry.”

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