What makes the Chevrolet Tracker unique in its segment

The crossover segment in the Philippines is one of the hottest in the local market. Many car manufacturers have thrown in their entry into the segment hoping to entice buyers with their attractive pricing and great set of features. One such car that has entered this highly competitive market is from Chevrolet Philippines and takes the form of the Chevrolet Tracker which hopes to get a piece of the very lucrative pie. That being said, we take a look at what makes it different from its competitors and why you should get one.

Chevrolet Tracker exterior

It's the distinctive design language with this one that gives it similar looks to its Chevrolet Camaro bigger brother. This is seen in the large grille design along with the cuts and creases in the front that give the Tracker a much more muscular look. The hood appears to look long and wide, however, it's just a trick of the design to give the vehicle a wider and more imposing stance. That being said, while it isn’t as loud as the rest of its competitors in terms of looks, the Chevrolet Tracker fits right in with someone who wants something a bit more subtle as the design speaks volumes when you look at its minor details. 

Chevrolet tracker interior

A crossover being a driver’s car is a rare sight especially when these are often used as family vehicles. In this sense, you can tell that the Chevrolet Tracker is aimed more at driver usability than anything else. This is seen in how its controls are subtly angled towards the driver along with its infotainment system. While in certain circumstances it can cause a bit of glare, you can tell that Chevrolet knows that more often than not it will just be you in the car and has geared the vehicle accordingly to fit that notion. It's great for those who want a great commuter car with not too much-advanced technology that gets in the way. 

Chevrolet tracker infotainment

The Chevrolet Tracker carries a good amount of technology with it. Starting with its infotainment system, the crossover comes with an 8-inch Chevrolet Mylink touchscreen that comes with Apple CarPlay. Sorry Android users but you will just have to make do with its Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Speaking of USB connectivity, the Tracker also comes with USB charging ports in the second row making it easier for everyone to charge their devices. It also comes with a reverse camera to help make maneuvering the relatively small crossover even easier. 

Chevrolet tracker engine

At the heart of the Chevrolet Tracker beats a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine. Don’t let its small displacement fool you as the motor packs quite a punch for its size. It produces 116hp and 175 Nm of torque. Now, while it may not seem like a lot on paper, its torque curve is very much usable and is geared well for the city. We were able to get 10km/L in the city and 18km/L on the highway which isn’t bad for a small motor. Overall it appears that Chevrolet has designed the Tracker to be a great city car thanks to its choice of a small displacement engine. 

Chevrolet Tracker action shot

If you do decide to take the Chevrolet Tracker out for a quick Sunday drive, you will be greeted by peppy handling characteristics. The crossover delivers smooth and linear power with a bit of a bump in acceleration in the middle of the rev range. The transmission if left alone will shift smoothly and do its job well, however, if you enter manual mode using its shifter buttons which require you to shift to “L” to use it, you will notice a delay when shifting up or down. As not many people will probably use this feature, leaving it in Drive and letting the transmission do its thing will give you the best results.

That being said and with consideration against all of its other rivals, the Chevrolet Tracker slots right in the middle of them. It isn’t the most powerful out there and doesn't come with the most amount of tech, but it delivers well in being a great city car. The engine is fuel-efficient, space is decent, and it comes with the right balance of tech and features that make it a great usable daily driver. It may not be the best in one category, but it offers you a balanced option.

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