What we want to see in the new Isuzu mu-X

The Isuzu mu-X has been in the Philippine automotive market for quite some time now. During its model life span, the SUV has received many minor upgrades and facelifts that have steadily improved upon the vehicle helping keep it competitive with its much newer rivals. Now that the launch of its all-new version is coming soon, we have created a list of features that we want to see in the new SUV that will help give it an advantage over its current lineup of competitors. While its official specifications are not officially out yet, these are some of the guesses we suppose could come with the new mu-X from its models that are available in other markets.

MUX Design

The current generation of the Isuzu mu-X has seen many facelifts and minor upgrades throughout its model lifespan in the Philippines. Its design has evolved from a sporty-looking SUV to a more luxurious one and then finally ending with a little mix of both. With that said, we expect to see a revolutionary design change with the newer model. It still should come with a few of the design cues of the older model, but with a new look that is dressed to impress. With that said, we expect to see the all-new Isuzu mu-X look something like what is available in the Thai market with a few little tweaks to the trim levels to match the design demands of the Philippine market. 

mu-x interior comparo

While the older model of the Isuzu mu-X came with a more utilitarian-focused dashboard, the new vehicle looks to upscale its cabin’s look and feel. That said, we expect the interior to look something similar to its pickup truck counterpart the Isuzu D-MAX as seen in the photo. As the two are almost identical in terms of cabin layout, we can expect to see the same elements present in the new SUV. We hope that the new model will come with a more angular and boxy dashboard design along with a new set of gauges, new climate controls, along with a new set of angular air vents as well. Similar to the D-MAX we are also expecting to see more soft-touch materials present in the cabin, as the mu-X’s pickup truck counterpart has evolved in terms of interior quality.


Before the announcement of the all-new mu-X, Isuzu Philippines gave the existing model a minor upgrade in terms of its infotainment system by giving it Apple CarPlay and Android capabilities. While it still retained its 2-DIN form factor, the infotainment system itself looks to be a little outdated in terms of its competition. For its latest iteration, we hope to see something similar to what is equipped on the D-MAX, a larger infotainment system with a clearer display all while retaining the coveted Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. 

isuzu mu-x engine bay

Isuzus, while not known for having the most horsepower under the hood for its category straight from the factor, are known for fuel efficiency and the delivery of a balanced amount of power when you need it the most. They’re also known to have reliable engines that will last for decades with only minor maintenance needed. With that in mind, we expect the newest version of the Isuzu mu-X to come with a little more power under the hood all while retaining the reliability that it's known for. We also expect the 3.0-liter and 1.9-liter motor configurations to be carried over from the older model with possibly a slight increase in power or torque. We also expect the transmission options to also be carried over to the newer model as well. Based on its Thailand specifications and what can be found on the D-MAX, we should see the 3.0-liter motor develop around 187 hp and 450 Nm of torque, while its 1.9-liter counterpart retains the same power figures as before. 

mu-x headlight

One thing that Isuzu Philippines has been known for especially with the latest upgrades to the current generation of the mu-X is improving their headlights. As it currently stands all models of the Japanese SUV are equipped with an all bi-LED. This helps separate the mu-X from the rest of its competitors as it has more standard equipment spread across its lineup compared to its competition. With that in mind, we expect something similar to happen to the newest version of the Isuzu mu-X that will soon be launching in the local market. While not confirmed, we could see all variants of the Japanese SUV come with LED lighting similar to what the automaker did with its previous incarnation. 

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