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The MPV segment is slowly heating up as more and more affordable vehicles are slowly being introduced. One such new addition to the segment stands out in the form of the 2021 Maxus G50. It comes with mini-van-like dimensions as well as comes packed with features that are normally found above its class. With that in mind, we compare each variant that the G50 has to offer to see which one comes out with the better value for money proposition.

2021 Maxus G50 pro

The Maxus G50 Pro offers interested buyers great space with a price tag that is only P88,000 above the P1 million mark. It comes with all the necessities that one would need for their 8-seater MPV. As this is the entry-level model it comes with the many basic features that would be found in the higher models. It comes powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that produces 166hp and 25o Nm of torque. Power is sent to the front wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. It is important to note that this is the standard engine and transmission for the entire G50 lineup.

Maxus G50 Pro front

On the outside, the G50 Pro comes with halogen headlights and LED daytime running lights, however, retains the same design aesthetics as its higher-end models. It comes with a massive grille at the front which is flanked on either side by sharp headlight housings. The grille only comes in a matte black with silver highlights compared to the all chrome affair of the higher variants. It also comes with much smaller 16-inch wheels compared to the rest of the other grades. It is important to note that roof rails, a power tailgate, and a panoramic sunroof are not available with this variant.

On the inside, the Pro variant comes with fabric seats and with an 8-inch infotainment system. The infotainment system does support Bluetooth and Aux input as standard. It also comes with manual air conditioning controls as well as 4-speakers. Front side airbags are also not present on the vehicle as well as front parking sensors. The MPV does have rear parking sensors and a reverse camera. 

2021 Maxus G50 black Philippines

The Maxus G50 Elite builds on what the Pro variant started and adds a few key features. At a cost of P80,000 more than the entry-level variant, it brings with it new features that make it worth the upgrade. As with the rest of the variants, it shares the same design cues and styling. To set it apart, however, Maxus has given it roof rails, a chrome grille, and a bigger set of 17-inch alloy wheels. It still retains the same halogen headlights as well as LED daytime running lights as the Pro variant. 

On the inside is where things get better for the Elite variant. Unlike the entry-level grade, it now comes with a black leather interior and a much bigger 12-inch infotainment system. Similar to the Pro variant, the infotainment system comes with Bluetooth and AUX input capabilities. Since it's the middle variant, the Elite trim level now comes with 6-speakers instead of 4 along with an automatic air conditioning system.

When it comes to safety the Elite variant carries over the same safety features as the rest of the other trim levels with the exception of side airbags. Like the Pro variant, it comes standard with driver and front passenger airbags, 3-point seatbelts for all occupants, ISOFIX tethers, an electronic stabilization program, EBA + HHC, a tire pressure monitoring system, and an engine immobilizer. The Elite variant does, however, come with a 360-degree panoramic view camera along with front and rear parking sensors.  

2021 Maxus G50 Philippines

The Maxus G50 Premium variant, on the other hand, continues what the Elite model has started. It carries the same design as the rest of the models with the added feature of LED headlights with an automatic function, and an auto fold function for the standard power-adjustable side view mirrors. It also comes with roof rails like the middle variant with the added addition of a power tailgate and a panoramic sunroof. With these new features, it adds another P120,000 to the price tag of the Elite variant. 

On the inside, the Premium variant comes with leather material for the cabin that comes with red accents. It also comes with a 12.3-inch infotainment system that comes with Bluetooth and Aux capabilities. Giving it an edge over its Elite variant counterpart is the addition of Mobile Wireless charging, a handy feature to have for those who don’t want to deal with messy cables. Like the variant below it, the Premium also comes with a 6-speaker sound system.

When it comes to safety, it carries over the same safety features as the Elite with the addition of front side airbags. A plus point in our books especially if you plan to use the G50 to bring your families out on road trips often. An extra layer of protection doesn’t hurt especially when it comes to your loved ones.

2021 Maxus G50 rolland purple Philippines

With each variant already offering a lot at competitive prices, the choice between the three becomes a bit difficult. Each one offers a little bit more than the next, however, the standard equipment that each grade has already made the vehicle a good value for money purchase. However, one variant was able to standard out above the rest and it was the G50 Premium. The additions of the panoramic sunroof and the power tailgate are great features to have especially for a vehicle of its size. The mobile wireless charging is also a nice touch for the vehicle giving it a more premium feel. Also, the inclusion of front and side airbags is a safety feature we can’t skip over especially if you plan to use the vehicle to ferry your family around. Having that extra peace of mind with the extra airbags will surely help you when an emergency situation occurs.

If, however, you want a more subdued cabin, then we can also recommend the Elite trim level. It comes with similar features as the Premium variant, however, without the front side airbags, mobile wireless charging, panoramic sunroof, and automatic headlights. For P120,000 cheaper than the Premium model, it too gives a great value for money proposition. 

In case you want to get your hands on either the G50 Premium or the G50 Elite variants today, we highly recommend using our Buy Online feature. This will make reserving the unit you want to go for as smoothly and as quickly as possible with less to worry about. 

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