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Toyota Philippines has launched the facelifted 2021 Toyota Vios in the country. Despite having a familiar body the popular Japanese subcompact sedan now comes with a fresh new face and extra added features to keep it up to date. Just like the pre-facelifted model the refreshed one comes with 14 variants that still come with the familiar 1.3 and 1.5-liter engines. Toyota Philippines has, however, upgraded the sedan’s head and taillights bringing LEDs into the mix for the G variants. The rest of the models do get new headlight housings to match the refreshed look, however, these just contain 4 beam halogens instead. Just like the pre-facelift model's certain variants can be had with either 3 to 7 airbags. With that said let's get started. 

toyota vios engine

Similar to its pre-facelifted version the Toyota Vios still comes with either a 1.3 or a 1.5-liter motor. Both engine options can be had with either a 5-speed manual transmission or with a CVT. The 1.3-liter engines are intended for the entry-level to mid-range variants while only the G variant gets the more powerful 1.5-liter motor. With that said power remains the same across the board as the 1.3-liter power plant still pushes out 98hp and 123 Nm of torque while the 1.5-liter engine makes 106hp and 140 Nm of torque.

toyota vios entry-level models

Just like before the available 1.3-liter powered variants dominate the current lineup of the Toyota Vios. You still have the Base, J, XE, XLE, and the E variants. 

The Base variant serves as the entry-level trim is the most affordable Vios you can get in the market. With its price, the number of features it gets has been trimmed down. With a starting price of P671,000, the subcompact sedan has been stripped of its daytime running lights, front fog lamps, power side mirrors, and the Toyota vehicle security system, as well as wireless door locks. The Base variant also only has power windows for the driver and front passenger. 

Going up a tier and you have the 1.3 J MT. which can be had for P697,000. The J is slightly better than the Base and comes with 14-inch steel wheels with a full cap. It also comes with an Optitron gauge meter instead of the lower variant’s analog instrument cluster. It is important to note that the J variant can only be had with a 5-speed manual transmission

Entering the middle section of the 1.3-liter variants is the XE which is priced at P747,000 and offers buyers a few more features compared to that of the J. At its price point, you now get access to features such as a 7-inch touchscreen, however, the sound is still sent out via a 2-speaker sound system. For those hoping for a manual transmission variant at this price point might want to go up a tier as the XE can only be had with a CVT. 

The middle child of the variant selection is the XLE. Just like its pre-facelifted version this variant comes with 15-inch wheels, a 4-speaker sound system, power mirrors, Toyota's vehicle security system, steering wheel audio controls, and wireless door lock. Pricing for the XLE starts at P791,000 for the manual version and goes all the way up to P841,000 for the CVT. Also, note that this model has still retained the same price point as its pre-facelifted model.

Moving on to the  E variant which represents the upper-tier of the 1.3-liter models. The facelifted model has opted to remove the Prime variant from the lineup. However, just like before the E variant can still be had with either a 5-speed manual or a CVT. Just like the other variants under it save for the J, XE, and Base the E also comes with a 4-speaker sound system. In terms of features the E variant shares a lot in terms of the XLE variant, however, where they differ is in the safety department as the E variant now gets up to 7 airbags. Pricing for the E variant starts at P841,000 for the manual and P891,00 for the CVT.

toyota vios top of the line

For those who want a Toyota Vios with a little bit more power, you have the option to get the G variants. This trim-level is the only one that can be had with the 1.5-liter motor. Just like the other variants on the list it too can be had with either a 5-speed manual or a CVT.

Since the G variant is the range-topping trim-level it gets access to bigger 16-inch alloy wheels, 3-tier LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED taillights, leather steering wheel audio controls, and automatic climate controls. Safety remains the same as it now comes with an engine immobilizer, a smart entry system, and speed-sensing door locks. For those who want to maximize the power of their Vios the G CVT variants now come with paddle shifters as well as new driving modes - Eco mode and Sport.  Interior features remain the same as the G variant still retains a 6-speaker setup along with steering wheel mounted audio controls. 

Pricing for the G variant starts at P997,000 for the manual version and P1,056,000 for the CVT. if you want to get your hands on the White Pearl paint jobs expect to add an additional P15,000 to each variant’s standard retail price.

toyota vios G CVT white

Since the Vios comes with two engine options there are also two variants that have stood out above the rest making them ideal candidates to be your next vehicle of choice. 

First off is the Vios XLE as it represents the best-bang-for-your-buck option in the 1.3-liter range. It has a good mix of features and comes in with an attractive price point of P791,000 to P841,000. Feature-wise it has nearly identical ones to that found on the E variant, however, does lose out a little in terms of safety as the XLE only comes with 3 airbags instead of the 7 found on the E variant. If safety is a top priority for you and if your budget still permits then we highly recommend getting the E variant to get all the airbags the Toyota Vios can offer.

Up next is the G variant for the 1.5-liter models. Since Toyota has chosen to upgrade the CVT version of the trim-level we highly recommend getting that if your budget allows. Not only do you get all the bells and whistles you also get access to better LED lighting as well as the new additions of a backup camera as standard as well as paddle shifters and two new driving modes - Eco mode and Sport. The G variant is priced at P997,000 to P1,071,000. If you are undoubtedly all-in for the Vios nameplate and want the best that the nameplate has to offer, get this model. 

Whichever variant you choose the Toyota Vios will surely be a good value-for-money option. Toyota is even offering the refreshed sedan for leasing through its Kinto One program so you don't have to worry about registration and maintenance through the brand’s flexible leasing terms. However, if you do want to get your hands on the refreshed Toyota Vios today then we highly recommend using our Buy Online now feature to make getting your next vehicle go as smoothly as possible. 

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