Why buying a new car is better

When buying a car, one of the first questions that comes into your mind is, should you get a brand new unit or a used one? Either way, you will be shelling out some of your hard earned cash for the purchase, so you better make the right decision. While getting a brand new car can be a bit more costly than a second-hand vehicle, it does hold several benefits to it. 

Enticing offers await you

Every month, car manufacturers would release a set of promos for each of its models. Aside from pocket-friendly offers ranging from all-in downpayments, low downpayments, zero downpayment, zero interest and cash discounts, brands would sometimes give out some added extras or freebies to sweeten up the deal. Remember, car promos could either be dealer-exclusive or available nationwide. Furthermore, promo durations usually vary, as some could last until a month or so depending on the manufacturer.

No need to trace any ownership history

Buying a second-hand car can be a bit more complicated than getting a new one, simply because you’re going to have to trace the ownership history of the vehicle. Gladly, you wouldn’t have to worry or be in doubt if the previous owner has taken good care of the vehicle, as purchasing a brand new car wouldn’t require you to do that.

You get the latest features

Nowadays, even affordable models come with a range of convenience features such as an infotainment screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and automatic climate control. Stepping up to more expensive models, you could even get a set of nifty driver-assist features such as a blindspot monitoring system, lane-keeping assist, an automatic braking system, and many more. Cars have become smarter and safer nowadays, therefore, spending a little bit more cash should be worth it.

Less visits to the repair shop

Granted that other second hand vehicles were properly maintained by their previous owners, there are some, however, that have been abused and not well taken care of. That said, there is a chance that the next owner might have problems in the long run and would spend most of its time visiting the shop. This is why buying a brand new car is better, as it does give you that added certainty, just make sure that it will undergo its regular maintenance in order to maintain pristine condition and avoid any problems in the years to come. 

You still get its full warranty

Nowadays, brand new cars could either come with a 2-year, 3-year, or 5-year warranty coverage depending on how generous a brand is. Notably, other car manufacturers like Mazda, are offering a free service plan for all of its vehicles, making your ownership experience less hassle than the usual. Buying a new vehicle is actually the only way to get a true full warranty without paying extra.

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