Hyundai Elantra N

After months of rumors and speculation, The 2022 Hyundai Elantra N has just made its global debut. The new compact sedan takes the redesigned Hyundai Elantra and elevates it to a whole new level. Various performance and cosmetic upgrades promise to make this Elantra deserving of its newly-minted N-line badge.

Hyundai Elantra N

Let's start under the hood. The Elantra N is powered by a turbocharged inline-4 engine, producing 276 hp and 392 Nm of torque. The engine is mated with an 8-speed wet dual-clutch transmission (DCT). Hyundai has also brought over its N Grin Shift (NGS) feature first seen in the Veloster N. NGS can increase the Elantra N's boost pressure, temporarily increasing power output to 286 hp. With NGS, the Elantra N can achieve a top speed of 250 km/h and hit 100 km/h in only 5.3 seconds.

Hyundai has also equipped the Elantra N with an electronic limited-slip differential that manages power at the front axle. New 19-inch wheels and 245/35-series Michelin PS4S tires are paired with larger brakes to ensure high-performance braking power for this compact sedan.

The Elantra N is the first Hyundai model to feature an integrated drive axle. This technology puts together the drive shaft, wheel hub, and bearing into one assembly, which allows for a weight reduction of about 1.7 kg. The weight reduction makes for a lighter ride that Hyundai claims can help the car withstand extreme lateral g-forces.

Hyundai Elantra N Interior

On the inside, the Hyundai Elantra N also gets several upgrades. The Korean automaker has equipped the Elantra N with an advanced infotainment system with an N-specific graphics interface. The system can display crucial performance driving information, such as oil and coolant temperatures and torque and turbo pressure levels. An advanced lap timer is also available, allowing drivers to pinpoint their exact location and movement on the track in real-time. Other interior upgrades include a sportier steering wheel, bucket seats, and aluminum pedals. 

If that's not enough, the new Elantra N comes with Hyundai's N Sound Equalizer (NSE) feature. It's a virtual engine sound synthesizer that augments natural engine noise to provide a more race car-like driving experience. The driver can even adjust the sounds manually according to their preference.

There's no word yet on the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N's pricing or availability. Some estimates peg the price point in the US at above $35,000. That's around P1,750,000. Chances seem bleak for a local release, however, but never say never.

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