Apple Carplay update

Smartphones have slowly been making their way into the automotive industry thanks to the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with new infotainment systems. This time around Apple during its Worldwide Developers Conference has announced it has updated its Apple CarPlay functionality with the soon to arrive iOS 14. The new in-car smartphone interface now comes with a refreshed User Interface as well as new features that make it even more customizable. Aside from its new looks Apple CarPlay now also comes with a customizable wallpaper option along with new application widgets that make for an overall improved operating experience. Apple has even added a new function to iOS 14 the form of the Apple CarKey.

The way that  Apple CarKey works is through NFC. All the user has to do is bring the phone near the NFC chip that comes with the car and then the iPhone will ask the user to authenticate the process using Face ID or Touch ID before the car unlocks. Through this mode users can also set-up an Expres mode if they don't want to go through the authentication process each time they want to unlock their vehicle. 

The Apple CarKey also lets owners share their key to other people and add restrictions, such as speed limits if you’re lending your vehicle out to someone else or to a young driver. The first car that already supports this new feature is the 2021 BMW 5 Series. The new vehicle itself will go on sale in the US in early July and in the Philippines later on in 2021. It will also be integrated with the newer models that BMW will release later on.

With the new Apple CarKey you will no longer need a separate application to lock and unlock the vehicle or to do other functions. The Apple CarKey is built into the iOS ecosystem itself which makes it easier to use for all iPhone users. Another advantage of the system is the possibility of having multiple car keys from differing brands all consolidated into your phone itself. There will be no need to switch between different apps from different car brands.

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