The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) would like to say that there are “no window hours” on all major thoroughfares and Mabuhay lane routes in Metro Manila. The clarification was made by Jojo Garcia ,the General Manager of the MMDA, during the Metro Manila Council (MMC) meeting. 

We have agreed to standardize the “no window hours” scheme on national roads and roads listed as Mabuhay Lane.

There were several erroneous rules on traffic number schemes that were circulating online and creating confusion amongst motorists. The MMDA issued this statement last March 26, 2019 in order to quell the confusion and to make it clear that there are no window hours anymore. 

Members of the MMC, composed of mayors and policy makers in the government, attended the meeting. The representatives also agreed to amend their existing number coding schemes and traffic codes implemented in their own jurisdiction. 


To recap on the law, the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) implements its number coding scheme from 7am to 8pm. To reiterate, and if it wasn’t clear before, there is no window of opportunity to bring out your car. Under the scheme, vehicles are banned on a certain day of the week where plate numbers with the ending of 1 and 2 are banned on Monday, 3 and 4 for Tuesday, 5 and 6 for Wednesday, 7 and 8 for Thursday, and 9 and 0 for Friday. This rule applies to any thoroughfare in the Metro. 

Since there are no major changes to the law, expect immediate implementation. The MMDA will be apprehending violators . Take different routes that cut away from the toughest thoroughfares  to traverse through during your commute. It’s business as usual with regards to the coding scheme in Metro Manila. No formal change has been made yet to the UVVRP, and, in the future, check with MMDA’s websites and social media accounts to check up on the validity of these coding advisories. 

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