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The next time you drive to the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, make sure you’re aware of the new one-way traffic scheme. According to the previous post by Bonifacio Global City on their official Facebook page, the scheme is set to be fully implemented on August 28, 2018.

As you may have noticed, we said ‘previous,’ as upon checking this morning, the post was taken down – even the one which has the video. So, are they pushing through with it? There are no official announcements as of this writing, but let’s be mindful just in case. 

With the new possible one-way scheme, there will be six streets that will be affected. First, the Rizal Drive still remains as a one-way road but will, however, continue all the way to the 28th St. eastward. The 30th St. will also soon be a one-way passthrough going to the west and towards Rizal Dr. The connecting 11th Ave., however, is a two-way road. 

Meanwhile, the 7th and 9th Ave. will also be affected. The 7th Ave. will soon handle southward traffic from Starbucks up until the two-way McKinley Parkway. Federacion Dr. is also a one-way road going to 9th Ave, which on the other hand, will soon run northward traffic only, stretching all the way to the two-way 34th St. 

Here’s an infographic based on BGC’s previous post for a quick look:

Again, we’re quite not sure whether the officials in BGC are pushing through with this or not. We’ve already tried reaching out to them but they haven’t replied yet. The best thing we can do, so far, is review this scheme and take note of the changes. 

Photo courtesy of Hans Olav Lien.

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