Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Volkswagen and computer giant NVIDIA announces plans on infusing artificial intelligence (AI) in its vehicles during the 2018 Consumer-Electronics Show (CES). This partnership will help the German brand pave its way towards autonomous driving technology for their future vehicle line-up.

With the I.D. Buzz set to be receive this first, the technology could potentially lead to “Intelligent Co-Pilot” capabilities, which will include convenience and driver assistance systems. It will also allow the vehicle to make the right decisions by accurately assessing situations and analysing the behavior of other drivers/cars on the road. The vehicle’s technology can even be enhanced or gain new capabilities throughout its life via software updates.

In addition, the technology is built on the NVIDIA DRIVE IX Intelligent Experience platform and will enable features such as facial recognition to unlock a vehicle, gesture recognition, voice control, and even gaze tracking for driver distraction alerts.

Volkswagen will begin introducing autonomous driving capabilities by 2020 starting with the I.D. Buzz. The German brand aims to add 20 more fully electric vehicles by 2025 in the hopes of becoming the world leader in this segment.

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