Volvo Philippines Paying it Forward

As way of giving back, Scandinavian Motors Corporation, the country’s official importer and distributor of Volvo cars, has chosen to give its very best gift of optimism, hope, and happiness to the Chosen Children Village Foundation Inc. (CCVFI). Joining forces with the Scandinavian Society of the Philippines, they have recently gone on a mission to visit the CCVFI in Silang Cavite, and make a difference. Arriving in style, on-board an army of Volvo vehicles, they shared a whole day of fun, bonding, and memorable moments with the special kids and their parents/guardians, giving gifts, food, and financial aid for the Village’s children’s continued rehabilitation and development.

CCVFI shares Volvo’s commitment in caring for the people by way of providing much-needed care, attention, protection, and holistic development for emotionally, mentally, and physically-challenged children. The Chosen children Village Foundation Inc. is home to many PWD children. As young as infants, all the way to the teens, CCVFI nurtures these children to develop their sense of worth. They provide education and opportunities for growth and heightening of self-esteem, allowing them to live the best they can and be with a community that will fuel their passion to live well and be productive for themselves and for others.

Together with the Scandinavian Society of the Philippines and Volvo PH, this primer has gathered donations amounting to p400,000.00 in contributions

Prior to this festive feat, a crayfish fund-raising activity was held last September, and like the “Ber months” sparking some Yuletide positivity to many of us, this brought in torrents of donations from many charitable institutions, sponsors, advocates, and more. Together with the Scandinavian Society of the Philippines and Volvo PH, this primer has gathered donations amounting to p400,000.00 in contributions, plus many more gifts and special mementos for the little Angels.

“As Volvo has been blessed with 20 fruitful years in the Philippines, it is our pleasure to partner with SSP to care for the children and staff of the Chosen Children Village.” said Mr. Chris Yu, Senior Marketing Manager of Volvo Philippines.

With half a century’s worth of expertise in automotive safety technology, Volvo continues to care for the people by leading the way for a safer ride since 1964, when it unveiled the world’s first Rear-Facing Child Seat Prototype, on board its 1964 PV544. That led to countless safety innovations through the years. Today, Volvo is at it again with the world’s first Inflatable Child Seat, which can be deflated and stored in a bag if not in use, allowing for a much more worry-free, and hassle-free journey with the little ones.

Embodying its sense of care for the people, Volvo PH continues to propagate road-safety-minded motorists. Starting them young is the key, and Volvo PH does just that with its Voice of Leadership and Child Safety Seminars, aimed at educating and developing the young, and the entire Filipino motoring community in the process, on the life-saving importance of road safety, child safety, and more.

And, with this simple act of caring for the children, Volvo PH indeed is one of those automakers, which is a magnet for better changes and love.

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