Croxtec Application

While navigation applications are present for both cars and motorcycles, there has yet to be an application for our pedestrians. In the interest of safety, a new application has been developed to perhaps save pedestrians from getting into a little debacle.

Croxtec – a stylized name stemming from the word ‘Cross’ and ‘Tech’ –  is an application that aims to keep pedestrians safe. The application was developed by the company, Djanco Information Technology Solutions. The tech company has ascertained that over 34 Filipinos die due to road accidents every day. Cars fare no better as well because 200 incidents of collisions happen daily in the Metro. 

The company who developed the app was founded by a Filipino balikbayan, Debbie Anne G. Carcariola-St. John. With over 24 years of work experience in the US automotive industry, she returns home to launch Croxtec. Her goal with the launch of this app is to curb the number of road-related incidents.

The application is relatively simple to use. It features an alert system for its users, and is meant to help drivers and pedestrians be more mindful about where they set foot – or tire – upon. All the user has to do is sign in to the application via Facebook, Google, or e-mail, and the application prompts you to select whether you are a driver or a pedestrian. The application then uses your device’s GPS to find other motorists around you. There are different levels of alerts that the application may send such as Safezone, Caution Zone, or Unsafe Zone. These warnings are meant to spark your mindfulness in case there are a few users who are registered on the tracking application. 

CroxTec Application

The application needs a data connection to work properly. The company states that the app is proven to work because of their testing and on two major thoroughfares in Manila. The early warning alert could spark the attention of the pedestrian or driver, in order for him to check his surroundings.

Availability of the app is still limited to Android phones. You can download the application on their website. Croxtec is only available here in the Philippines, but as time progresses and as the application proves itself here, there are plans to expand this into other countries that may need a pedestrian protection application. 

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