Check out the future of driving with the Dongfeng Rich6 True EV Pickup, now available at Dongfeng Motor Davao.

If you're curious about electric vehicles, now's your chance to check out the Dongfeng Rich6 True EV Pickup at Dongfeng Motor Davao. David Ross F. Bonifacio, Chairman of Davao Bonifacio Motors, Inc. (DBMI), is proud to reveal their new range of electric vehicles, which would surely serve both your personal and business needs. No matter what you need, DBMI has something that is right for you.

“We at Davao Bonifacio Motors, Inc. (DBMI) is truly embracing the future of mobility. We have a comprehensive lineup of Dongfeng Electric Vehicles (EVs) – that caters to both passenger cars and commercial vehicles."

The spotlight is definitely on the Dongfeng Rich6 True EV Pickup, which perfectly incorporates the advantages of electric mobility with the functionality needed for daily use, so regardless of whether you are running errands for your family or managing business tasks. The vehicle is definitely made to be sustainable and efficient, bringing electric mobility into everyday use.

Powered by a strong electric motor paired with a high-capacity battery, the Rich6 True EV Pickup boasts a commendable range, reducing the need for frequent charges. Other than this, the vehicle is also equipped with regenerative braking technology that recaptures energy typically lost during braking, improving the vehicle's overall range and efficiency. Safety isn’t forgotten and neglected either, with advanced systems in place to protect occupants alongside modern connectivity features to improve your driving experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the benefits of electric driving by visiting Dongfeng Motor Davao at the CFB Building, KM7 JP Laurel Avenue, Lanang, as soon as you can! Plan your visit as soon as you can. You may also check out Dongfeng's current models on AutoDeal, where you can easily request a quote for any vehicle you're interested in.

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