Nissan Terra Fiery Red

The Nissan Terra, the newest addition to the highly competitive midsize SUV segment, came blazing onto the scene since late last year. Coming into the second month of 2019, and Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI) announces a limited edition for its popular model. 

The limited edition Terra in the VL trim will be receiving the Fiery Red color. The red is bright and vibrant, giving the Terra a more exciting appearance even when sitting still. 

Apart from the red paint job, Nissan has also opted to give the Terra a different interior from its core lineup. With regular models offered with a dark brown interior, the limited Fiery Red VL variants sport a black leather interior. The black interior will be nicely paired to the red exterior, giving the Terra a classic black and red color scheme. To top it all off, Nissan added a small rear spoiler to spice up the Terra’s already bold look. 

Nissan Terra Fiery Red

Nissan stays true to its word of “limited edition”. Recalling a past model, the Juke N-Style, with around 250 units per color of the special edition released in the Philippine market, Nissan has historically had a knack for selling models with special colors in limited quantities. The same can be said for the new Nissan Terra in Fiery Red. With reports of only 100 total units available nationwide, the Nissan Terra VL in Fiery Red is technically rarer than the 200 Honda Civic FK8 Type R in terms of total units – if you put it that way.

The VL 4x2 and the VL 4x4 trims will be the only two variants under the Limited Edition. There are 70 units in the VL 4x2 configuration, and 30 units in the VL 4x4 configuration. Customers will also be delighted to know that the Terra retains its price even in Fiery Red. The other catch is that dealers will be receiving limited quantities of the Terra in the Fiery Red color. With a hundred units and 44 Nissan dealers in NPI’s network, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that around two to three units will be allocated per dealer, if it will be distributed nationwide.

We asked one of our partner dealers and they said that it will only be receiving two units of the limited edition Terra.

As stated before, pricing is retained for these two limited models. At P1,899,000 for the VL 4X2 and P2,096,000 for the VL 4x4. Get the new Nissan Terra with its hottest color to date. 

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