Be it discount lanes for Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs), fuel promos, donations, or corporate initiatives – Caltex, marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), has plenty of ways of giving back to the Filipinos. Here, we look through each of the brand’s programs that aim to help not only its customers but also the local Filipino communities.

Discount Lanes for PUVs

Many Caltex stations in the Philippines offer discount lanes for PUVs. The brand offers as much as P4 off per liter to somehow help drivers from the ever-increasing prices of oil and other commodities.

We understand the needs and concerns of motorists, especially when inflation is high and commodity prices are on the rise. We hope to aid them in their daily journey and continue to provide the best-value products and services in the country.

Reward Cards

Caltex offers loyalty programs such as the HappyPlus Card, and its partnership with Robinsons Rewards Card. Customers who fill up their vehicle’s gas tanks with Caltex products can earn points that allow them to redeem food products, groceries, or receive discounts when filling up fuel. Even Landers Superstore members can avail fuel discounts at co-located Caltex sites.

Fuel Your School 

Aside from its customers, Caltex also gives back to various public high schools through its ‘Fuel Your School’ (FYS) campaign. For the past three years, the FYS has been able to provide P11-million worth of Science, Technology, English, Mathematics (STEM) resources to 88 schools, 3,000 public high school teachers, and over one million public high school students in Bicol, Davao, and Metro Manila. 

As of this writing, FYS is now on-going in the Ilocos region and CAR, where it will donate three-million pesos to help 30 high-need public high schools this year. This initiative was enough for it to be awarded the prestigious Gold Anvil Award by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP).

Donations and more

Caltex has donated millions in social investment programs for public school renovations, computer donations, literacy programs, livelihood projects, health initiatives and other activities that help the less fortunate local communities. In addition, the brand contributes millions of pesos to calamity and recovery efforts via the Philippine Red Cross. 

The brand also has been part of a pioneer environmental project, the multi-use Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Caubian, Cebu and Poro, San Fernando, La Union.

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