flying car 70 years ago

In the dawn of electric and self-driving vehicles, actual accounts of an airplane car lies forgotten. While rapid developments in electrification and autonomous cars have been a trend for big automakers, recorded accounts show that what we might think of as a “sci-fi” element is not that sci-fi anymore.

We have seen flying cars in movies and have been drawn into the idea, fantasizing into seeing one in the near future. Yet, some might think that advancement to these so-called flying cars is a long way ahead. 

But is it really? In fact, it has already been done 70 years earlier.

The NX59711 is the proof that we’ve been there. Years ago, at Henry Ford’s time, a prediction has been made: cars would be able to fly by combining a plane and a car. Not so long after this prediction, a fully-functional road car with attachable airplane wings (hence, a flying car) was introduced to the world by an aeronautical engineer named Ted Hall.

The rest of history could be seen in the video below.

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