Ford Everest Sport

An event will be held on March 18, 2020, to officially launch the Ford Everest Sport. On top of the FX4, this special edition of the midsize SUV from the blue oval can potentially bring a touch more style to the Everest’s already-capable lineup that just saw the introduction of a new Trend variant still packed with features for the price you pay. 

UPDATE: Ford Philippines will be postponing the launch of its Everest Sport until further notice. 

There are no official specifications just yet, but the soon-to-be-released variant is already out other countries, namely Australia. The models between the Philippine domestic market and the Australian domestic market tend to be quite similar, historically speaking. There are also similarities with neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, where the Everest is made. On the Australian website, the Everest Sport is an appearance package that can serve as an option to buyers. In Thailand, however, the Everest Sport is a variant that is above the single-turbo Titanium 4x2 variant, and under the Bi-turbo Titanium 4x4. 

In the Philippines, the Titanium 4x2 single turbo costs P1,995,000. There is a gap of about P300,000 between the two Titanium variants, which means that the new Everest Sport will likely hit around P2,100,000 to P2,200,000 give or take. We assume that Ford Philippines will follow the Thai domestic market’s variant scheme, so this is our estimate. However, if the Everest Sport were to be treated like an appearance pack from the factory, then maybe we could see and Everest Sport 2.0 Bi-turbo, meaning it’s as close to a Raptor as you can get if it drops as such. 

The upgrades made to the Everest Sport in other countries are quite substantial. You get ‘sport’ badges almost everywhere, blacked-out 20-inch alloy wheels, all the silver accents are now in black, black badges everywhere with the model name spelled-out on the hood, a new grille that is reminiscent of the just-released Ford Ranger FX4, and blue interior accents with blue accent stitching and sport badges. There is also a variant-exclusive color option called Deep Crystal Blue, which would be a novel color to have in the Philippines if it were to make landfall as well. 

It also appears that there is a chance that we will see a Bi-turbo model, but if we get the single-turbo diesel mill, the power and torque figures will at least be 178 hp and 420 Nm mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission, which is not bad, and an upgrade over the TDCi 2.2-liter mated to a 6-speed. 

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