Ford’s Predictive Smart headlights uses GPS

Ford’s latest headlight technology uses GPS in order to improve safety and the night time driving experience. This is an improvement over the brand's traditional adaptive lighting systems, from solely relying on the driver’s steering input, now the new system can predict the ideal headlight output and adjustment before the car ever reaches a curve.

Some global Ford models are already equipped with the advanced headlight system such as the Fusion, but Ford’s Predictive Smart headlights have yet to make it on any model as it is still rather new and in its testing phase. The Blue Oval's European research and Advanced Engineering division came up with the smart idea of improving its existing technology through GPS.

Going a bit more in-depth, the Predictive Smart headlights use mapping and precise location data tied to the vehicle’s embedded navigation software. With that, the system is able to intelligently predict when a car is approaching a curve based on its current trajectory. In response, the system will move the headlight beam in accordance to the turn before the driver rotates the steering wheel.

Once the GPS signal gets lost or is unavailable, the headlight system will continue to function through the camera and driver input. Ford is confident with its latest innovation, however, it’s still very much in its prototyping phase, so it might still take some time to finally be available on some of the current and future models to be launched. This intelligent feature should not only improve the safety of the driver and its passengers, as it should also keep pedestrians secured and well lit at nighttime.

Who knows? Perhaps, Ford Philippines might also consider bringing in this feature once it’s finally tried and tested on other international markets. For a sneak peek of its Predictive Smart headlights, you can also watch the video below.

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