Foton Sta. Rosa bags “Dealer Rookie of the Year” award

It was over a year ago when Foton Philippines expanded to the province of Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija. With this, Good news came in just a year’s time when the said dealership bagged the "Dealer Rookie of the Year" award.

So what led them to be given such recognition? It’s not just their high sales volume. It’s also because of their brand dedication and customer service beyond vehicle sales.

Known as one of the country's top agricultural producers, Nueva Ecija relies heavily on land transportation for resource and product distribution. Foton Sta. Rosa brought in their vehicles to suit the region’s needs and its people’s lifestyle.

Both the sales and service team work together to reach out and provide assistance to ensure customer satisfaction. This led to a host of clients giving their testimonial to Foton’s commitment of giving quality products and service.

With the experience I had with the team of Foton Sta. Rosa and the Foton Traveller, we are looking forward to purchasing another vehicle from Foton and recommend the same to our friends. - Wilfredo Reyes

They also gained good remarks from Dr. Honorato Soniega who purchased a Foton Thunder for business and personal use.

The employees are good and polite, maasikaso sila. They also make you feel like the dealership is just like your home. - Dr. Honorato Soniega

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