Erroll Duenas UAAGI Chery and Foton President

United Asia Automotive Group Inc. (UAAGI), the exclusive distributor of Chery and Foton vehicles in the Philippines, has announced that a new president will be taking the helm of both brands in the country. 

Mr. Erroll E. Duenas has been appointed the president of Chery and Foton Philippines. The appointment ceremony happened on September 23, 2021. Prior to his new assignment, Duenas served as the Vice President for the Customer Service Division (CSD) of UAAGI. He will report directly to the board of directors, which is led by its new chairman and outgoing president Mr. Rommel L. Sytin. 

Chery Appointment Ceremony

Duenas will continue to drive the momentum that UAAGI built up through the years with the launch of a new brand and the continued proliferation of its commercial vehicle brand, Chery and Foton respectively. He will also continue to sustain the brand’s efforts even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and will bring his aftersales experience to the table to further enhance the experience for all brands under him. 

"Erroll brings with him a wealth of experience gained from close to three decades of working in the automotive industry with various established brands. With his new role as UAAGI President, complemented by his extensive expertise in after-sales, service, and customer relations, I am confident that his leadership, together with strong support from dealer partners, will help us improve both the sales and the customer experience to further grow the FOTON and CHERY brands in the market."

Both Chery and Foton have enjoyed steady growth through the years. Foton’s success surges with the demand for efficient logistics services, while Chery is meeting the demand for affordable quality vehicles for the Philippine market. 

"I can say that my humble beginnings have tested me enough to take on a new leadership role. I give credit to the people whom I've worked closely with, from the bottom ranks to top management. Learning the ins and outs of vehicle commerce all through these years made me value three key points: innovation, efficiency, and leadership."
Chery and Foton President, Erroll Duenas

With Duenas’ appointment, we can expect an even better aftersales experience from UAAGI’s pair of brands. Chery currently has the longest and most generous warranty service in the market, but it will be interesting to see else can be added to either Foton or Chery. 

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