GAC Entranze EV Concept

GAC Motor’s game for concept vehicles is strong this year at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The Chinese car manufacturer caught eyes with the new Entranze electric vehicle (EV) concept that’s currently on display at the show.

From outside, it appears that this Entranze concept is a minivan, which is almost a hundred percent convincing. However, it also has the stance of an SUV or a crossover, especially with the huge wheels and a sloping roofline. GAC, however, dubbed the concept as a multi-purpose utility vehicle.

What’s interesting is that the concept car features sweeping ‘patio-inspired’ sliding doors. which consist of the normal van-style rear passenger tinted-glass doors and forward-sliding front doors. The front cabin features a futuristic design, highlighted by the hammer-shaped headlamps and polygonal side vents. The meshed patterned hood is also hard to miss on this one.

The Entranze EV is the first concept vehicle from GAC’s new California-based Design Studio. It is headed by Pontus Fontaeus, who also happens to be responsible for premium designs in the past, such as Ferrari, Land Rover, and Volvo. Fontaeus’ latest project was envisioned to be the ultimate road-trip car of the coming years. The result is an alien design for GAC Motors – the most unique model basing on GAC’s existing portfolio.

"The GAC Entranze showcases fresh ways to approach automotive exterior and interior design by evoking many of the touchstones of private jet travel alongside the newest technologies.”

With experience in commercial aircraft interior design, Fontaeus was also able to bring the cabin to a premium level. The interior features intricate style cues, with a minimalist approach and high-quality materials, specifically environmentally sustainable materials like cork. There are aircraft seat-inspired interior seats with 3+2+2 configuration, paired to foldable rocker panel steps for easier ingress and egress.

Further ‘aircraft-inspired’ features include the autopilot intuitive controls. There’s a special steering wheel equipped with illuminated touch controls, so as a heads-up information cluster and voice-command activation. Safety is also a big factor in developing the Entranze concept, which is proven by the AI-supported voice control to eliminate interaction with the touchscreen display. 

Sadly, there’s no information on what’s powering the Entranze EV concept. GAC also has the GM6 minivan and the all-new GS5 SUV on display at the 2019 NAIAS.

For what it’s worth, the Entranze is reminiscent of the Toyota TJ Cruiser showcased at 2018 PIMS. Although the Japanese counterpart showcases boxy exterior, the two concepts have successfully merged the MPV and SUV segment. One more thing, both vehicles are equipped with humongous wheels, which is a known characteristic of SUVs.

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