Geely July Sales

It was a great month for Geely back in July with over a thousand units sold, 1,058 to be exact. The previous record was achieved back in March when Geely was able to sell 1,036. The new record beats the old one by a total of 22 units, which were spearheaded by models like the Geely Coolray and Okavango. 

The breakdown of the monumental achievement of the Chinese brand is as follows. For July, Geely Philippines was able to sell 540 Coolrays to customers which was a 92 percent increase compared to the sales figures recorded in June of this year. Following the Coolray’s 540 units was the Okavango with 396 units. The Okavango sold better compared to the month prior, netting a 59 percent increase over the figures in June. 

Geely Emgrand Philippines

However, Geely Philippines notes that the Emgrand and Azkarra, while still popular, were struggling to keep up, selling 91 and 31 units respectively. The low numbers were attributed to supply constraints, which is a problem that is affecting more than just the automotive industry. 

Even with the problems, Geely was still able to beat its monthly sales record. The Chinese brand in the Philippines could have achieved a bigger number sans all the issues, but we’ll just have to wait and see how big Geely can go once its supply chain is back in full force. When the Emgrand first launched, it catapulted to the top four ranks in the subcompact sedan segment, and marked 895 units by the end of July since its introduction, so it will be interesting to see how the model contributes to the brand’s sales once everything is ironed out. 

In the past seven months, Geely sold a total of 5,360 units, representing an 83 percent growth year-on-year. Geely Philippines was able to outgrow the industry by 15 percent, and the brand is now 8th in the total industry sales, and now boasts a 2.8 percent market share compared to 1.8 percent in the same period last year. 

“We are very honored to join the 4 digits club (more than 1,000-unit monthly sales) that we consider as a clear testament of the customers` trust in the Geely brand. Coolray remains to be the best-selling model in the roster of Geely vehicles. The recent introduction of the Coolray Special Edition (SE), with its sportier and distinct look, has led to more customers admiring and getting excited over it. “With better supply starting this month complemented with aggressive and really affordable financial plans from our bank partner RCBC, we expect Emgrand to further challenge the top 3 spot in the subcompact sedan segment.”

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