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Geely Auto Group, the company behind the Geely Coolray and the Geely Azkarra in the Philippines, has a new simulator that can test a vehicle even before it hits the production line. The new VI-grade DiM250 sim utilizes computers as well as a floating cockpit with a wraparound display that can simulate how a vehicle will handle in the real world. It is located at the China Euro Vehicle Technology AB (CEVT) center and has the capability to program test future vehicles as well as adjust their settings on the fly. With the aid of the new simulator, Geely can effectively test drive and fine-tune its upcoming models without the need to go through the tedious process of building and testing prototypes. 

We can probably test our vehicles half a year before we get the prototypes for them. A design change can take a week instead of until the next prototype series, which can be due in a year
geely sim

What makes the DiM250 simulator special and so advanced is that it comes with a raised cockpit that can help simulate the feel and handling characteristics of suspension components, as well as help, simulate g-forces being applied to a vehicle. Thanks to its wraparound screen it can also give the virtual test driver an authentic experience as possible as it can be used to display a regular road or a race track depending on the vehicle being tested. While having such an innovative simulator is an advantage it still has its limits, but Geely states that with the new machine it can help cut development costs and time by a sizable margin. Through the simulator, the automaker’s engineers and designs will be able to sort out problems that might occur at a later point during a vehicle’s development stage. The simulator also comes with the benefit of being able to test and fast track new safety features such as blind-spot detection, lane departure warning, and lane-keep assist just to name a few. This will allow Geely to be able to release an already fine-tuned system with minimal need for actual physical testing.

With the new simulator, Geely will not only be able to make better cars for the future it will also be able to make safer vehicles as well.

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