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Honda and General Motors (GM) will be partnering up to make two Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the coming years. The new EVs will utilize GM’s battery technology and will be manufactured in GM plants in North America. While the North American Company handles the engineering work Honda will be in charge of the exterior design of these new vehicles. Rick Schostek Executive Vice President of American Honda comments about the newfound partnership.

This expanded partnership will unlock economies of scale to accelerate our electrification roadmap and advance our industry-leading efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

He continues by stating that “We are in discussions with one another regarding the possibility of further extending our partnership.” GM’s Executive Vice President of global product development Doug Parks also chimed in on the partnership by stating that it is “another step on our journey to an all-electric future and delivering a profitable EV business through increased scale and capacity utilization.” He continues by stating that We have a terrific history of working closely with Honda, and this new collaboration builds on our relationship and like-minded objectives”.”

GM battery system

Under the terms of the agreement between the two automotive companies, Honda will incorporate GM’s OnStar safety and security telematics services into the two EVs. In addition to this Honda will also utilize the American company’s hands-free driver-assist technologies for the new venture. The electric vehicles will also be using GM proprietary “Ultium” battery technology.

This isn't the first time these two companies have worked together as their first partnership was on the Cruise Origin. It is an electric self-driving and shared vehicle that was launched in San Francisco this year. On top of this, both companies have also previously worked together on battery modules as well as on fuel cell vehicles.

So far neither of the two companies disclosed the financial terms of the deal. With such great secrecy, this could indicate that something big and revolutionary could be in the works. But only time will tell as these two EVs will be hitting the market sometime in 2024.

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