Honda releases teaser images of the upcoming 2022 Civic Type R

Honda has released a teaser image of the next-generation Civic Type R. While not much of the vehicle’s new design elements can be seen in detail, thanks to its bright and contrasting wrap, a few details still can be seen.

From the looks of it, the Type R might have a more tame design that is a stark contrast from its more angular gaping vents and crossing lines current generation counterpart. However, the performance hatchback still comes with a large grille at the front with similar intakes found in the current generation of the vehicle. It’s also clear to see in the photos that the front fenders of the vehicle protrude more which matches the Type R’s overall wider stance. It pretty much still carries the same overall look as the 11th generation of the Honda Civic that it is based on.

2022 Honda Civic Type R rear

Moving onto the rear of the hatchback, it can be seen that the performance hatchback has still retained its now-iconic triple center exhaust. It is important to note that the center pipe in the exhaust now has a bigger diameter compared to those flanking it on either side. The rear wing has also been changed as it is now supported by stanchions.

Aside from the teaser images, Honda has yet to release any other information with regards to the vehicle which includes its engine. However, we suspect it could be powered by an even more powerful turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that will push out more than the 306hp and 400 Nm of torque that the current model is making. Similar to its current iteration the all-new Civic Type R will likely still shift via a 6-speed manual transmission. There is no official word yet as to when Honda will exactly launch the new performance hatchback, but our best guess puts it sometime in 2022 as the upcoming model is currently undergoing testing at the Nurburgring for its final tweaks.

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