2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

Last month, Hyundai teased us with an intriguing photo of the upcoming generation of the Santa Fe nameplate. The image portrayed the SUV in a silhouette side-view shot. Fast track to 'now' and we can finally see what the Hyundai Santa Fe looks like, both inside and out.  

At first glance, you could pinpoint its dramatical changes in terms of design approach. If we'd differentiate the outgoing model to the one in the image above, we would probably label the old design as bubbly and cute, while this new-generation model is more mature in any angle. 

Also, it wouldn't take that long for you to realize that the fascia is heavily inspired by the brand's subcompact crossover Kona. Look at those squinting headlamps and huge bumper air vents, the only thing that seems to set both vehicles apart are their dimensions as the Santa Fe is 605-mm longer. It measures 4,770mm long and 1,890mm wide. It's even bigger than its locally-available predecessor.

The interior also experienced some reorientation on the dashboard. The infotainment system has been pushed a little higher, while the air condition vents were relocated right below it. The controls were arranged in an eye-friendly layout, far better than the cluttered orientation of the outgoing model. The steering wheel, as well as the door panels, also feature new design to complement the restyled dashboard setup. 

Aside from what our eyes can see, Hyundai also announced a fleet of technology that will provide comfort and safety to all future Santa Fe drivers and passengers. Part of the package is the Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist, which automatically hits the brake when it senses vehicles approaching from the side.

In addition, the vehicle will also be equipped with the Rear Occupant Monitor which alerts the driver if one or two passengers are leaving their seats. This is very useful for parents who have hyperactive kids.

There aren't any details yet whether there will be changes on the engine. Currently, the Santa Fe is powered by a 2.2-liter diesel engine that gives the car 200 hp and 441 Nm of torque. Hyundai promised to hand out more information at the Geneva Motor Show this March 2018. 

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