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Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI) joined the 7th Philippine Electrical Vehicle Summit held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. 

During the event Hyundai, showcased two electric vehicles (EV). These two were the fully electric Kona and Ioniq. These two vehicles were initially debuted earlier in the year during the Manila International Auto Show.

Electric vehicles represent the future of Philippine mobility. It is clear that EVs have the potential to reduce our dependence on imported fuel, cut the nation’s carbon emissions, and create jobs for Filipinos in the battery manufacturing, to name one example.

The hybrid Ioniq and the fully electric Kona – the first subcompact EV SUV in the country – are available in HARI’s network of dealerships. Hyundai PH continues to work closely with the government to help craft a sound EV policy and create a competitive EV industry.

Hyundai PH’s president raised three points during the Electric Vehicle Summit that will help bring EVs into the Philippine market. First, she underscored the need for a comprehensive EV road map that will help set proper policies for EVs in the right direction. Furthermore, HARI wants to strategically use tools such as regulations and procurement measures to entice customers to buy EVs over their petrol or diesel counter parts. She also stated that there should be technical standards and protocols for the use of charging stations and registration procedures should be set to make owning and driving an EV much easier for the customer.

In her second point, Perez-Agudo recommends that the government should identify areas in the Philippines where EVs can make the biggest impact and set up pilot test zones. As an example, she cited Jeju Island in Korea. This way, it can help the government decide where to set up charging stations in the Philippines.

In the third and final point, she pointed out that Hyundai PH encourages the Philippine government to support investment in battery manufacturing industry by developing an incentive package for those who want to get into the industry. This benefits both the EV industry and the Philippines as it can become a source of income for the country. She further added that benefits for investing in this industry can take the form of tax exemptions, subsidies, and other no- fiscal support.

With Hyundai’s electric arsenal and Nissan with its LEAF set to electrify the EV market, it's in the government’s hands now to see if EVs can truly become viable in our market.

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