Hyundai Philippines to release the Creta as a 7-seater

With the model being displayed during the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) back in 2017, the Hyundai Creta was supposed to be part of Hyundai’s Philippine lineup. Unfortunately, plans did not push through. As per, some anonymous source from the brand then says that the all-new Creta is going to enter our market, and instead of being a small subcompact, the model shall feature a 7-seat capacity. 

Perhaps, in order for Hyundai to accommodate those two extra seats, the brand might have worked on the vehicle's structure. Therefore, we are expecting a stretched-out version of this crossover. Back when it was displayed at the MIAS, the Creta was only in subcompact form, with it only having a 5-seat capacity.

Now, as for production, the Philippine spec Hyundai Creta is going to be built in the brand's new Indonesian plant. This also differs from the previewed model at the auto show, wherein that specific unit was sourced from India.

While no further details and specific launch dates were disclosed, there is a possibility that the crossover will arrive here sometime in 2022. With the Creta’s production in Indonesia will begin by the fourth quarter of 2021, let’s just hope that left-hand drive units will also be built alongside the right-hand drive ones. Notably, this is the fourth Hyundai model to be produced in this respective plant.

This should be a family-friendly option given the addition of two extra seats at the back. Like the unreleased Creta from the MIAS, let’s hope that Hyundai will competitively price this one as well along with providing the vehicle with a generous amount of equipment in order to entice many prospective buyers. For now, let’s wait for any official statements from the brand, so keep your eyes peeled and do stay tuned for any further updates.

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