Jaguar facial recognition system

Selfies could be our key to Jaguar Land Rovers in the near future – and by key we literally mean it. 

The details regarding the said technology is found in the recently-published patent application by Jaguar Land Rover. It states: "The user of the vehicle must carry out a registration process which requires them to record a still image of their face and a moving image such as a hand gesture or their gait (a way a person walks) as they approach the vehicle." 

Moreover, details of the patent states that 2 cameras would be placed on each side of the car. These cameras are stereoscopic cameras designed to recognize faces of approaching people, and will unlock after successfully matching the owner's face. The process is achieved by the camera’s ability to provide 3D images.

Somehow, it's the same idea of having a keyless entry technology. The only thing different about it is it uses photo- and gesture- matching system and, yes you read it right, people's faces. 

Of note, the process involves more than just the two elements stated above. The cameras will be capturing headshots of whoever approaches the car, which are then stored to the car's memory. The idea is presumed to ease access in the car, especially when going in with loads of shopping bags and groceries in hand. 

However, this poses for serious privacy issues. Due to use of digital technology, hackers who could break in the vehicle’s system could steal the owner’s profile – eventually, taking hold of their identity. 

Although there should be further development in the process regarding its downsides, Jaguar believes that this new system will make cars more convenient and secure should car owners misplace their keys.

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