Stinger GTS

Who said that the best couldn’t get better? Just like most hero cars, the Stinger is not exempt from getting a special edition. With the model being a big deal for Kia Philippines, it was unboxed at MIAS 2019 to ensure maximum media attention for the launch of this four-door on Philippine soil. 

Now, we are blessed with the GTS. If the three letters R-W-D doesn’t excite you maybe these will: D-AWD. Yes, you are reading that right, the biggest difference between the normal Stinger GT and the GTS is the all-wheel-drive system that the Korean brand attaches from the factory and with a ‘drift mode’. In other countries, the Stinger GT can be optioned with an all-wheel-drive system right out of the factory, but the system is only designated as AWD and not D-AWD as found in the GTS. The flexible D-AWD system brings you the best of both worlds, where you can control the amount of power coursing through the front or the rear wheels. Three modes are at the user’s fingertips: comfort, sport, and drift. 60% of the power goes to the rear in comfort, while 80 percent of the power is sent to the back in sport mode, and 100 percent spin the rear wheels when the system engages its drift mode. 

GTS Exterior

A splash of color that is specific to the GTS is given to the automobile. Dubbed ‘Federation’, the shade of orange is complemented by genuine carbon fiber parts and panels that extend the look of this already handsome. To add to the specialness, only 800 units will be produced worldwide and will also sport the model specific GTS emblem at the rear. The Kia logo will also be replaced by Stinger emblems for a more premium appearance. 

As for technical details, A mechanical limited slip differential receives power from the same 3.3L twin turbo V6 that produces 365 hp and 509 Nm of torque. An 8-speed automatic transmission is standard through all the models in the range, hence the GTS will also get this as well. 

GTS interior

Diving into the interior goodies, the steering wheel and center console gets a swatch of Alcantara for that all important premium sporting character that the Stinger GT aims to deliver to consumers with a keen eye for value. Look up and feel the premium headliner that is blanketed in premium suede-like Chamude. Also, peek up at the sunroof as you listen to your 720-watt Harman/Kardon audio system. Charge your phone via wireless charging as well, because the GTS will allow you to charge your device while you focus on the road ahead of you.

We wish upon a star that Kia Motors Philippines will give us this special edition. If you want the Stinger, but need that extra bit of push to go to the dark side, this could be the model for you. Kia Philippines, make our dreams come true. 

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