Land Rover parade

Now on its 70th anniversary, Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland has set a new record for the largest parade of Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. With 632 cars that marched at the Bad Kissingen, Bavaria in Germany, 80% of which were Land Rover Defenders.

In order to beat the record that’s previously made by 516 Land Rovers in Portugal in 2014, the British vehicle had to remain in motion all throughout the 7.4 km parade. While driving, each car should not exceed two cars length away from the vehicle in front. There were stewards assigned to monitor the gaps of vehicles in the circuit.

This record-breaking event was made possible with the help of volunteers, and both Land Rover and Range Rover owners from far distances. What’s amazing is the fact that there are also two participants who drove all the way from Siberia for this remarkable journey. Guess what? They embarked on an epic eight-day journey. Wow, talk about dedication.

Verifying the brand’s successful attempt, an official adjudicator from London headquarters, along with two witnesses, counted the number of successful Land Rover vehicles and handed out the much-anticipated Guinness World Records certificate. With this new breakthrough, Land Rover not only acquired a new title, but it also succeeded in bringing its people together.

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