Black Panther on top of the Lexus LC 500

Nowadays, superheroes are one of the first people to get their hands on an unreleased car. Why not? We mean, where else would you market a product better than in the big screen – with a comic icon? Take the Lexus LC 500 for example, which is announced to appear in the first standalone Black Panther movie.

The announcement was made before the opening of Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. The collaboration between Lexus and Marvel gave birth to the pair-up of the Japanese coupe and the King of Wakanda, a.k.a. Black Panther. The film is expected to hit theaters in February 2018. 

For the uninitiated, the Lexus LC 500 is the brand's flagship in the coupe segment. It has squinting LED headlights pointed directly to the inward section of the 'hourglass' mesh grille. The vehicle also features bulging fender flare, allowing the car to achieve a stable stance. Aerodynamics is further improved with the use of a rear diffuser and active spoiler, which boost the airflow during high speeds.

“Marvel continuously captures audience through charismatic characters and inspiring stories — the ideal fit for Lexus’ mission to craft amazing, engaging experiences. And the LC’s aggressive styling, high performance and agile handling are a perfect fit for the Black Panther’s quick, cat-like reflexes and superhuman feats. We’re excited to see the duo in action.”

Not only will the coupe appear on the film, Lexus also teamed up with Marvel Custom Solutions for an original graphic novel. A tidbit about the story is that it will tackle the balance between humanity and machines, as the LC 500 helps the Wakandan King take down a legendary villain. 

Meanwhile, both company seem to be positive about the collaboration, as they are set to hold an exclusive Black Panther-themed event after the Comic-Con. This is where the 6 variants of the graphic novel's cover will be revealed to the guests. 

And if in case you forgot about it, the Audi A8 was debuted in Spider-Man: Homecoming. That web-shooting teenager even had his driving lesson on an unreleased Audi sedan – imagine that, and we are just here writing and reading about the stuff.

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