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The Land Transportation Office is putting its foot down with a stern reminder for motorists to remove any unauthorized commemorative license plates or they run the risk of apprehension and hefty fines.

In a statement, LTO Chief Jose Arturo Tugade stressed that the LTO has not authorized the use of commemorative license plates for any vehicles, public or private. The LTO Chief also emphasized that motorists who currently have these types of plates fitted to their vehicles must remove them immediately.

Commemorative license plates are plates whose use is limited to the observance of events of national significance, these plates, when approved by the Department of Transportation (DOTr), are only valid for one (1) year.

According to Tugade, when a motorist is apprehended operating a vehicle bearing unauthorized commemorative plates, the result will be a P5,000 fine on the owner of the motor vehicle and confiscation of the unauthorized plate under DOTC Joint Administrative Circular No. 2014-01.

“If vehicle owners are caught by law enforcers still using commemorative plates whose effectivity dates have already expired, they will be apprehended and fined,”
LTO Statement on use of commemorative plates

Tugade also added that commemorative plates may not be used to intimidate or domineer traffic enforcers and prevent them from making apprehensions due to traffic violations.

This statement came shortly after a photo of a vehicle fitted with a commemorative plate bearing the letters “PNPA” made the rounds on social media. The LTO has clarified that the current administration of the LTO did not recommend the approval of plates bearing the letters “PNPA”, nor were any such plates got greenlit by the DOTr and endorsed to the LTO.

If your vehicle is fitted with unauthorized commemorative plates or even illegal vanity plates, it's best to save yourself the headache and get rid of it now. No amount of street cred justifies breaking the law.

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