LTO once again extends the deadline of vehicle registration renewal

Even until now, safety protocols advised by health experts are still being practiced by the mass, this is due to the constant impact of the COVID-19 virus. In conjunction to that, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has also been submitting itself towards those safety protocols, as the government agency aims to limit the number of people that enter its offices. Given its concern, LTO has once again extended the supposed deadline of vehicle registration renewals.

After giving out several considerations already, LTO is continuing to look out for the safety and welfare of its employees and pending applicants who seek for the renewal of their car’s registration. Going through the details, vehicles with license plates ending in 6, 7, and 8 will be pleased to know that they can have their car’s registration renewed until October 30, 2020. This gives them at least a one month grace period before the deadline strikes.

Moreover, vehicles with license plates ending in 9 and 0 are extended a bit further, allowing owners to relax a bit more. The market deadline for both ending numbers is set to be on December 31, 2020, which is just in time for a new year’s countdown. This, on the other hand, gives owners a longer two-month extension, which should be more than enough for them to find a suitable time to visit the nearest LTO office.

LTO license plate registration renewal extension

As mentioned, apart from the convenience factor, this extension should also help LTO employees as well as pending applicants for renewal, maintain a safer environment for the meantime. By this we are further urged to stay at the comforts of our home, as up until now, the deadly virus is still active. However, we suggest that you process your renewal papers in the meantime as it will be beneficial to you in order to help avoid lengthy lines and crowded situations to be expected in LTO offices.

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