Mazda CX-9

Mazda Motor Corporation leads the list of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for fifth consecutive year. As such, the Japanese automaker achieves the highest overall Manufacturer Adjusted Fuel Economy for the 2016 model year.

Proving the brand’s reputation, Mazda’s overall average fuel economy was 29.6 miles per gallon (7.9l/100km), which accounts to a 0.4mpg improvement over the previous year.

Mazda adds that the SkyActiv technology, which powers the brand’s model line-up, has been the main contributor in the marque’s exceptional environmental and safety performance. This recognition is said to reflect the carmaker’s efforts in delivering quality vehicles while preserving the beauty of the earth.  

In case you’re wondering, the EPA releases annual reports that summarize the fuel economy trends of new passenger vehicles and trucks in the US. The agency then ranks brands by Manufacturer Adjusted Fuel Economy, which is the average fuel economy of all vehicles sold by a manufacturer over a year.

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