Mazda Philippines' Habagat Special Assistance program

Recently, the Philippines has been affected by continuous rainfall, resulting in flooding in some areas. Floods can easily damage your car, and dealing with a flood-damaged car could be a pain – but not if your car happens to be a Mazda. That’s because Bermaz Auto Philippines, Mazda’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines, is offering a special promo for Luzon-based Mazda owners affected by recent flooding.

Under the initiative, dubbed as Habagat Special Assistance program, Mazda PH will be giving exclusive discounts on labor and parts. Under the said program, all authorized Mazda dealers will extend 10% discount on labor fees and another 10% discount for parts. This is Mazda PH’s way of giving back to community, which is strongly supported by its vision.

“It is during challenging times such as these that we need to come together to help each other. Part of Mazda’s DNA is to give back to our communities. We intend to give hope to those who have been affected by the recent flooding and incessant rains through the discounts for parts and labor we are extending. By doing so, it is our hope that Mazda owners will get their vehicles back at the soonest possible time and continue driving once again.”

The Habagat Special Assistance program covers all vehicles sold by authorized Mazda dealerships damaged by recent floods. The program will handle affected vehicles that will be brought to any authorized Mazda dealerships in Luzon until September 15, 2018. Only flood-damaged vehicles turned in from August 11, 2018 until that date are eligible for the special discount.

Do note, however, that only flood-damage repair jobs to be paid directly by the owner are covered by the Habagat Special Assistance program. Anything beyond that is out of the offer’s coverage.

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