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Mazda Motor Corporation has released a teaser image of its upcoming future powerplants. The image showcases the Japanese brand’s plan to make a new 4-cylinder motor, an inline-6 engine, as well as a new hybrid system. The teaser image came right out of the automaker’s third-quarter financial presentation indicating what Mazda might have in store for the future.

The Japanese brand indicates that the inline-six motor would be available after 2022 possibly making its debut in a rear-wheel-drive Mazda6 that is set to launch in the same year as well. It will be available in gasoline, diesel, and Skyactiv X variants. Mazda also has plans to install the engine with a longitudinal layout with a possible all-wheel-drive system. As previously mentioned the new motor could also be used for a rear-wheel-drive future vehicle. 

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There was also no mention of the upcoming 4-cylinder engine, however, we suspect it could serve as a new generation of the motor for the brand’s standard lineup of Skyactiv engines. This motor will probably make its debut between 2022 and 2025, and will likely be utilized for the Mazda3 and Mazda2 models. While not confirmed we suspect this could be the case as the Japanese brand further evolves with its engine technology.

Moving on to the new hybrid engine, it will come with a 48-volt system and is also set to arrive within the first half of 2022. Mazda has also stated in its report that it will come with “multi-electric technology” which could indicate that a rotary based range extender could come as an option for the powertrain. This could come in a similar form to what is currently found in the MX30 as it uses a Wankel engine to extend the range of its batteries.

Mazda has yet to release any information as to what power figures these new engines will make, however, we expect them to be competitive thanks to the brand’s Skyactiv technology. For now, we will just have to wait and see what these new motors have to offer.

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