MMDA earlier government working hours

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and other government agencies are reportedly studying the possibility of adjusting government working hours to address the worsening traffic situation since the shift to Alert Level 1.

If the measure is enforced, it would adjust traditional government hours one hour earlier by having workers come in at 7 AM instead of the traditional 8 AM start time. Government workers would then leave work at 4 PM, earlier than the 5 PM close of business hours we’ve come to know.

The adjusted office hours could help ease rush hour traffic in the late afternoon to early evening hours. It should be noted that Metro Manila has seen increasing congestion since the nation’s capital shifted to the Alert Level 1 COVID-19 classification. Should it be enacted, the measure would also affect people transacting at government offices.

Baka daw po pwede na ang pasok sa gobyerno at iyong mga transaksyon sa gobyerno ay simulan ng 7 AM at mag-end ng 4 PM... 'Yan pong isang oras na adjustment na ’yan sa pasok po sa gobyerno, ay malaking bagay dahil hindi lamang po yung pumapasok sa trabaho sa gobyerno ang apektado diyan, kung hindi pati na po yang meron mga transaksyon sa gobyerno.

Known as one of the world’s most congested areas since before the pandemic, Metro Manila is at another turning point in traffic management. Although the government has taken steps to build game-changing infrastructure, many citizens continue to struggle with their daily commutes. As gas prices keep rising in 2022, the problems for motorists also keep piling up. The MMDA may take action by adjusting government working hours by one hour, but whether it’s effective for alleviating traffic remains to be seen. The government agency may need more time to study the viability of its newest proposal.

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