Toyota FT-4X

Last year Toyota revealed the C-HR, now the Japanese automaker launched a new crossover concept at this years New York International Auto Show. Dubbed as the FT-4X, it is a vehicle designed for millennial-aged professionals.

Crafted by Toyota's Calty Design Research Inc., the FT-4X concept carries the 'Rugged Charm' architecture with 'X Theme' design on its exterior. At first glance, you can’t help but notice its resemblance with the FJ Cruiser. It is fitted with a white grille cover up front that frames its headlights, which sort of looks like an eyeglasses of some sort (so, millennial).

The rear features a “multi-hatch,” which allows the tailgate to open in 2 different ways: horizontally (a.k.a. Urban mode) and vertically (a.k.a. Outdoor mode). For Urban Mode, the gate splits in 2 for easier loading. Outdoor Mode, on the other hand, opens the whole hatch upward to serve as a shelter. 

The interior is where the 'toolbox' description comes from, as it showcases numerous outdoor features. An example would be the twin boxes in the rear for cold and warm stowage, which is ideal for outdoor activities like camping and out of town trips. 

The FT-4X features no multimedia screen but nothing to worry though, it has a mobile phone mount right above the instrument panel. This positioning allows the driver to access the device easily while driving. Supporting this concept will be Toyota's downloadable mobile application for navigation and digitized off-road instrumentation.

Toyota has yet to shed light regarding the concept’s powerplant. However, they did say that it could have a small displacement 4-cylinder engine. With this in mind, it might not be too wild to say that the FT-4X may potentially be equipped with the C-HR's smaller 1.2L turbo engine.

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